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10 Best Gentle Moisturizers to Try If You Have Sensitive Skin

Say goodbye to dry and inflamed skin.
Finding the right moisturizer for sensitive skin all begins with understanding what your skin really needs. Maybe you’ve always had well-balanced skin your whole life, but recently your skin has been feeling dry and inflamed. If your skin is pink or flaky,

10 Best Face Serums That You Can Buy for Under P1000

Good for the skin, easy on the wallet.
They may not be as crucial as cleanser and moisturizer, but serums play such an important role in your skincare routine. It's formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients, made to address any of your skin concerns from clearing blemishes to preventing

5 Body Cooling Hacks You Need to Survive Summer

Already had your second cold shower? Keep these as a backup.
If the weather doesn't want to chill out, then we have no other choice but to do that job ourselves. And no, we don't mean taking our second (or third) cold shower of the day. All it takes are some small tweaks

10 Brightening Cleansers for Glowing Skin

Want bright skin? Start here!
There are two ways to know if a cleanser can brighten your skin. First, if it literally says "brightening" on the label; or, second, if it has any of these ingredients: kojic acid, vitamin C, or niacinamide.Because we understand that it can

You Have to See The Face Shop's Refreshing Collab with Coca-Cola

We want everything!
We've all witnessed The Face Shop's adorable collaborations with Disney and Kakao Friends. This year, the brand is switching it up and releasing yet again another exciting collab, and one that's truly refreshing—literally. They're teaming up with Coca-Cola for a full makeup collection!The

3 Facial Moisturizers to Try Now

Keep that skin supple!
Moisturizer is the most important product in your skin regimen. Well, aside from sunblock, of course, but that's not what we're talking about here. Everyone knows that the body is made up of 60% water, and if you don't consume your eight

3 Things You Can Do to Shrink Your Pores

Featuring Korean beauty products.
Aside from dark undereye circles, unsightly armpits, and monster pimples, pore size is probably one of the things girls fret about most when they take a look in the mirror (especially if it's a magnifying one.) But, alas, pore size is inherited,

Midweek Celebrity #selfie: Mane Attraction

This week, it's all about your crowning glory.
We think we can all agree that the way we style our hair can make or break our look. Getting a picture-perfect selfie doesn’t only require good lighting and flawless makeup skills, because our crowning glory is a crucial factor to consider,

Top 10 Sunscreens For The Face

Don't leave home without your daily dose of SPF!
To those of you who think sunblock is just for the summer, think again! Damaging UVA (causes aging) and UVB (causes skin to burn) rays are present all year round and cause cumulative damage to unprotected skin. Meaning? You unwillingly destroy the

The 411 On Cc Creams

The real deal about the latest alphabet cream phenomenon.
First it was the BB (Blemish Balm) cream that shook the beauty industry. Multi-taskers that act as a tinted moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen, it first gained ground in Europe and had its popularity spread like wildfire in East Asia. The buck didn't

Kim Hyun Joong In Manila

The Korean cutie causes a stir while promoting The Face Shop during his recent visit.
Kim Hyun Joong—three one-syllable words that have the capacity to render grown women weak at the knees and shrieking at the top of their lungs. K-Pop singer, popular television actor, and The Face Shop ambassador, Kim stopped by Manila during the last

The Face Shop Philippines Turns Four

The Korean beauty supply shop celebrates its anniversary in Manila.
Before their catchy pop acts invaded Manila and dramatic telenovelas gripped our attention, our neighboring country Korea, also brought us a great import in the beauty industry. The Face Shop (TFS), a personal care franchise now celebrates four years in the country,

Beauty Lab: Violet Lipstick

Style Bible editors jump on the violet lip bandwagon and test five different shades.
Falling slave to make up trends is always tricky because not everything that is hot now necessarily looks hot on you (Case in point: pastel shadow). Sometimes its more about taking the trend less literally and finding a way of integrating it