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These Are the Best Teeth Whitening Products You Can Try at Home

Brighten those pearly whites!
Teeth whitening need not be expensive, especially now that there are so many products in the market that will turn your gnashers into pearly whites. If you want to keep it easy and at-home, then this list of whitening products (some natural

8 Organic Tooth Products for a Brighter, Fresher Smile

Save the earth and your teeth!
Brushing your teeth is part of your daily routine, so it's important for you to know what's exactly in your toothpaste. Switching to organic ones might make this easier, not only do they help you avoid harmful chemicals, it can also be

5 Home Remedy Recipes to Help Whiten Your Teeth

Smile bright.
"You're never fully dressed without a smile," goes that famous Annie song. True, but a yellow grin isn't exactly a fashion girl's most prized accessory! Gain the confidence to show off those pearlies without dropping a pretty penny—below, five ways you can

3 Ways to Get Whiter Teeth for Every Budget

Now flash that megawatt smile.
You can’t put a price on a beautiful smile (unless you’re Julia Roberts) but you most certainly can afford to smile a little brighter. Despite fish gapes and duck faces being all the rage, still, nothing looks happier than a wide grin

5 Teeth Whitening Rules To Live By

Because a woman's smile is her best asset.
Not all girls may agree on makeup, clothing, or hairstyle preferences, but when it comes to our teeth, we’re a hundred percent sure that we all want the same thing: a pearly white lineup that can turn heads in a flash. Hey,

Let There Be White

We shed a light on store-bought teeth whiteners.
Blinding white teeth is considered attractive. You look younger, refreshed, and for some people, more hygienic. But not everyone is blessed with Chiclet white teeth—blame genetics. The color of teeth depends on the light reflection of the enamel combined with the color

8 Tips To Whiter Teeth

Flash a brighter smile with these natural teeth whiteners.
While many can afford a whitening session or two with their dentist, others are a bit more apprehensive. Due to the chemical process that bleaching involves, many are wary about the side effects. This includes the weakening of teeth enamel and tooth