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Audiophiles, Here's a Gadget Guide for What to Save or Splurge On

Not every gadget requires spending an arm and a leg.
Whether you’re a true-blue audiophile or just a casual music listener, you know that rarely will just one kind of audio device be enough for day-to-day life. Headphones and earbuds are typically for zoning out or escaping from the world while speakers are

These Cute Pastel-Colored Digital Cameras Are Only Under P500 Each

Time to capture some special memories!
Getting your first-ever digital camera at a young age might be your most prized possessions because in a way, it honestly fuels a person's interest in photography. Especially now that we enjoy taking pictures and videos of the most random things, and

PSA: Apple Is Releasing a Wireless Power Bank for Easy On-the-Go Charging

Take note, it's only compatible with the iPhone 12 series at the moment!
Apple users know that the brand's various devices are always made to work best in conjunction with one another. Most people who own an iPhone, for example, likely also gravitate towards MacBooks, iMacs, Apple Watches, AirPods, and the like. To add to

10 Great Audio Devices Under P5,000

From headphones to earbuds and more!
Shopping for any kind of new tech can be a pretty meticulous task—one that often requires hours of listing down pros and cons as well as several rounds of inspection and comparison. When you’re buying on a budget, the process can be

Audiophiles, Marshall's First-Ever Wireless Earbuds Are Finally Here

Sporting the signature black leather finish and gold details.
Audio tech brand Marshall has long been a favorite among music lovers and true-blue audio junkies, thanks to their decades of dedication to creating listening devices that deliver great sound. You're probably familiar with their wide range of speakers, amplifiers, and headphones.

These Pink Wireless Earbuds Are the Cutest Gadgets You'll See Today

They go beyond just sporting the cute color, too!
We know, pink lovers: It's hard not to get every single thing in your favorite color. Whether it's clothes, accessories, kitchen appliances, or even gadgets, you would be hard-pressed to resist all the pretty pink pieces in the market right now. If you haven't

10 Cool Home Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

We’ve scoured the web for cool and aesthetic home gadgets that will certainly make a great addition to your home.
New devices and gadgets are constantly being released and modernized. From toothbrushes to vacuums—you name it—there's probably a smart version of your everyday items. And being at home has probably made you want to upgrade your things to make day-to-day living extra

You Can Soon FaceTime With Your Android-User Friends

More people to FaceTime with!
Aside from the Apple-exclusive features, one notable thing about Apple products is their exclusive apps. From Pages to Numbers, they have iOS-only alternatives to popular software programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. Another popular iOS-exclusive app is FaceTime, which is a mobile app Apple

A Purple iPhone for P14,000? Here's How to Cop One

It also comes in red, orange, teal, and blue.
The iPhone 12 Mini is a triumph. Tech junkies consider the model as a serious step forward for Apple, and is one of the best ones in its chipset tier (Apple A14 Bionic, 5 nm) in terms of its performance and speed.And

10 Free Mobile Apps to Make Stargazing More Fun

For whether you're catching a meteor shower or looking at a lunar eclipse.
Considering just how vast the sky is, stargazing can be a bit tricky. You might be looking in the wrong direction during a meteor shower, mistaking a planet for a star (or vice versa), or wondering if that moving blob above you

10 Nifty Gadgets to Turn Your Space Into a Futuristic Home

Automate your whole house with these cool devices!
If you grew up watching shows like Hey Arnold! or The Jetsons, you probably always dreamed of having a technologically advanced home like Arnold’s remote-controlled room or the Jetson family’s automated house. The good news is that technology has advanced quite a

10 Splurge-Worthy New Gadgets to Save Up for This 2021

Catch up on all the latest tech releases!
It’s hard to believe that just a little over a year ago, most of us were still buying the bulk of our belongings (essential or otherwise) in physical stores. These days, hitting "add to cart" and waiting for packages to arrive at