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These Are the Underrated Starbucks Items You Have to Try ASAP

You might find a new favorite on this list!
You probably have your favorites at Starbucks. Maybe it’s the Caramel Macchiato or the Chocolate Cream Chip Frappuccino—these drinks are popular for a reason, and Starbucks reliably delivers a great experience every time. But beyond the crowd favorites are the lesser-known yet

This Adorable Tea Set Is Purr-Fect For Hello Kitty Fans

Time to throw a tea party at home.
There are all sorts of Hello Kitty-themed kitchen items you can shop in Manila like rice cookers, electric kettles, and baking tools. If those cute finds weren't enough to tempt you to shop (or if you already bought them all), we found something else

Elegant Tea Sets You Can Shop Online for P3,000 and Under

Make your tea breaks look and feel luxurious.
Taking a moment off your day to have some tea is a small luxury on its own, but serving your brew in elegant pots and cups just makes the entire thing feel a little more indulgent. And while many opt to splurge

The Best Places For Afternoon Tea in Manila

The English ritual is well-observed at these fine establishments.
There always has been a divide between coffee and tea drinkers, with the perception that one's loyalty can only to one or the other. But the practice of setting aside an afternoon for a warm pot of tea, scones, jams, and other

8 Tea-Infused Fragrances You'll Definitely Fall in Love With

These scents are exactly our cup of tea.
Coffee or tea? For a refreshing spritz, trust us when we say that tea-infused fragrances won't make you smell like stray leaves. The right blends will perk you right up or soothe you like a warm cup of chamomile would. Keep scrolling

3 Ways to De-Stress Without Spending a Fortune at the Spa

Treat yourself without breaking the bank!
The secret to keeping the thrill of living a fast-paced and high pressure life is balancing it with equal parts relaxation. But the reality is, not everyone has the luxury of time and money to go on a Eurotrip or book a

2 Yummy Iced Tea Recipes To Help You Slim Down

Earl Grey Lemonade, and Kape Rice Iced. Yum!
Word on the street is Victoria Beckham keeps slim by sipping on pu’erh, an aged dark tea from China. But while the scientific jury’s still out on whether pu’erh's where it’s at - as all teas in general aid metabolism - credentialed tea master Renee Sebastian (fun

How To Throw An Afternoon Tea Party

A checklist and recipes for a stylish soiree.
Perched on an ornate, gilded chair enjoying a hot cup of tea in your mid-length skirt and sheer blouson with satin sleeves, pearls and all... Doesn’t high tea sound so elegant? Or, intimidating. These kinds of parties seem to require a lot

A Tea Shop Made Of Abaca

All the way in Miami.
MIAMI - A new tea shop in the suburb of Coral Gables, Small Tea is a 4,000 square foot cave with oak panels, polished concrete floors and a canopy in a material indigenous to the Philippines, abaca. Portland-based Osmose design firm's Andee Hess