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Body Contouring 101: How to Get Kim K’s Bum

Don’t even try to deny wanting to try it.
When it comes to contouring, expect its patron saints, the Kardashains, to have tried it all from sculpting their cheekbones to lifting their breasts. Recently, Kim Kardashain-West’s favorite tanner Jimmy Coco revealed some of the secrets he uses on Kimmy to give

Opinion: Is Tanning Really Bad For Your Skin?

Beauty guru Agoo Bengzon weighs in.
Summer’s here, and while everyone’s booking their tickets to Boracay, I’m trying to come up with a fool- proof strategy to keep the sun’s damaging rays from aging my almost 40-year-old complexion. Truth be told, I didn’t have this much disdain for

The Tan Commandents

Tan right without the burn.
I think we've all noticed the change in temperature recently, and the heat just makes you want to hit the beach stat. If you're planning to soak up some sea, sand, and sun, here's a few things to remember before tanning up.


Here's how.
Spotted: Liz Uy sporting a perfectly sun-kissed tan in Eskaya(@lizzzuy)So you’re at the beach (for the nth time this summer) and you want to tan a bit more. You’re soaking up the sun, and then you fall asleep. Well, there’s a price

Celebrity Tanning Gone Wrong

Here are more reasons why you should stay out of the sun.
Everyone looks good with a tan. But when the sun is involved, forget about it. As these sun-kissed celebs show through their social media accounts, there’s plenty of wrong that can go between getting that bronze glow and going from pale to

Ask An Editor: Is There A Safe Way To Tan?

Maybe. But you won't know until you click!
We all enjoy a little sun kissed action here and there, but with tanning posing as your skin’s public enemy number one, it’s hard not to feel guilty when you acquire a little color. Tanning is a process that happens when your