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6 Korean Celebrities Who Are Embracing Their Naturally Tan Skin

They once received a lot of hate for their dark skin, but they rose above it and are now leading the shift in society's beauty standards.
South Korea is known as one of the beauty capitals of the world, and many turn to K-beauty for its wide array of brightening, tone-up, and whitening products. This, however, unfortunately stems from a persisting culture that favors a lighter skin tone.It's

The Best Hair Colors to Help Enhance Your Tan Skin

Want to stay a brunette or try going blonde? Check out our top recos here!
Following age-old beauty rules? We’re happy to report that it’s not really a thing now—especially when it comes to your hair. But just in case you want to do a little research and arm yourself with more color inspo before your next

15 Best Lipsticks That Complement Morena Skin

Flaunt that natural glow, girl.
Whether you’re just starting your makeup kit or you’re someone addicted to makeup, lipsticks are easily at the top of your list! Lipsticks are a guilty pleasure since they're the easiest to shop for, but for people with beautifully tanned skin, some

LOTD: We're Loving This Flawless Tan on Liza Soberano

Embrace the bronze.
Living in a tropical country means we have sunshine all year round. Even those who aren't born with naturally tanned skin can get a golden glow just from staying outdoors (with proper SPF, of course!). So whenever the sun puts some color

10 Sun-kissed Selfies by Your Favorite Morena Celebrities

Work that tan.
For this week's celebrity selfie roundup, we're giving a shoutout to some of the most stunning morena beauties in the biz. We've collected tons of beauty inspo from them during the past seven days, which are perfect for your summer makeup pegs.

LOTD: Here's a Fresh Hair Color Morenas Can Easily Pull Off

Take cues from Monika Sta. Maria!
Golden-skinned ladies, don't be intimidated by the thought of lighter hair. There are infinitely many hair colors out there, so there's bound to be a shade that'll fit you just right. Take cues from Asia's Next Top Model alumna, Monika Sta. Maria, who recently dyed

7 Ways to Enhance Your Summer Tan

Show off that color!
With all the outdoor activities you're bound to do this summer, the sun will eventually catch up with you. We don't mean sunburn, of course. We're talking the loveliest beach souvenir of them all—a summer tan.When flaunted the right way, your new

LOTD: How to Properly Fake a Tan, According to Julia Barretto

Her makeup artist spills the beans.
Going to the beach isn't the only way to get a tan. You homebodies and office bugs can achieve a sunkissed look, too! No tanning salon sessions required. Through the magic of makeup, you can sport glowing, bronze skin in minutes—and Julia

A Morena Girl's Makeup Must-Haves

Enhance your natural golden glow with these items.
While some think that having a perma tan means having to stick to dusky bronzes and tangy tangerines, there’s certainly more going on for those blessed with a natural golden glow. It can even be the perfect canvas for pretty pastels! Here,

Polishes That Pop Against Tanned Skin

Revive a fading tan with a fresh coat of polish.
After the #Laboracay craze dies down and you’ve detoxed yourself out of your party-all-day vacay, all that’s left is to make use of that sun-kissed glow. Just remember that it’s all about the color play. Light tones bring out dark ones, so