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10 Must-Buy Beauty Products If You're Going to Taiwan

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Taiwan is not only known for its milk tea; it’s also home to many cult fave beauty products. So if you’re heading to Taipei anytime soon, be sure to have these on your list! Below, we curate 10 of the most popular

10 Beauty Products You Should Hoard From Taiwan

Taiwan is an unexpected beauty destination.
You might not think of Taiwan as a beauty destination, especially with Korean and Japanese brands dominating the Asian beauty scene. But we kid you not, they can easily compete with the quality and efficacy of both countries. After a trip to

7 Taiwanese Beauty Brands You Need to Know

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So, you read about their sheet masks and why Taiwan is becoming the hottest beauty destination. But this week we're going a little more in-depth about it. Read on to find our favorite brands from one of the skincare capitals. O'Right If there's any

6 Sheet Masks to Hoard from Taiwan

A sheet mask a day keeps bad skin away.
So lately we've been into Taiwanese beauty, and with good reason—these guys don't play around with skin care. And if we could only give you one kind of product to hoard from Taiwan, it would have to be their sheet masks. The

5 Reasons Why Taiwanese Products are the Next Big Thing in Beauty

Move over, Japan and Korea!
When we think of beauty destinations, we usually think of Korea's endless skin care brands, Japan's kawaii makeup lines, and France's natural girl beauty. What we haven't explored, however, is Taiwan's bustling beauty scene. With their star on the rise, there's a lot this