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10 Wardrobe Staples If You Have a Dainty Style Like Sofia Pablo

From flowy skirts to fine jewelry.
You may know Sofia Pablo for her charismatic stage presence, but she's also our go-to for dainty fashion pegs. ICYDK, she's obsessed with all the feminine classics flowy skirts, airy blouses, fine jewelry, the whole nine yards. So if you're also a

10 Netflix Shows That Celebrate All Kinds of Love

When's a better time, indeed?
Granted, we still have a long, long way to go, but we must still acknowledge that there are more and more platforms carrying all kinds of voices. Representation has been amplified throughout recent years, especially in art and popular media. Case in point:

8 Fresh and Pretty Outfits We're Copying from Loisa Andalio

When it comes to Loisa's style, less is always more.
We love watching Loisa Andalio's acting prowess and charismatic wit on-screen. But when she's not around the cameras, we're usually on the lookout for her understated OOTDs. We typically spot her wearing simple and dainty 'fits! Think plain tops, fine jewelry, and

10 Gentle Cleansers to Try If You Have Acne-Prone Skin

The best part? Most of these cleansers are under P500!
Finding the right cleanser for you is the first step to scoring clear skin. This will keep your pores from clogging, and it will strengthen your skin barrier, too, which results in fewer breakouts. If you're using certain anti-acne medications and products that are drying, consider going for mild cleansers

8 Fresh and Youthful Makeup Looks We’re Copying From Jayda Avanzado

She's got the 'no-makeup' makeup look down pat.
When it comes to pretty, fresh-faced makeup, Jayda Avanzado is your girl. The 19-year-old singer has the "no-makeup" makeup look down pat, but she's also not afraid to experiment with adventurous looks when the situation calls for it. Whether you're into dewy

We're Loving Claudia Barretto's Chic Travel OOTDs in Europe

Her effortless 'fits are definitely worth copping.
ICYMI, Claudia Barretto flew to Europe two weeks ago to celebrate her college graduation. In typical Claudia fashion, her vacation snaps on IG alsofeature the most chic travel OOTDs! Whether you're spending your summer break here or heading abroad like Claudia, her effortless

Sharlene San Pedro Gets Real About the Struggles of Being a Working Student

"May mga days talaga na kaunti na lang magbe-breakdown ka na sa hirap tapos hindi mo alam kung paano mo matatapos."
Being a working student is a challenge for most, including your favorite local Gen Z stars. Just recently, Goin Bulilit alum Sharlene San Pedro got candid about the numerous difficulties she encountered on her journey to graduation. "Challenging siya kasi online eh,” she revealed in previous interview. “Kasi napaka-daming readings, tapos after ng babasahin mo,

Add These 8 K-Dramas to Your Watch List if You're an Aspiring Writer

In case you need some inspo to get those words flowing again.
As beautiful as it is, storytelling requires a lot of dirty work: Editing countless drafts, surviving last-minute deadlines, and understanding a fickle audience. Just like any other creative endeavor, a writing career is fulfilling yet very exhausting. If you're a budding writer,

8 Times KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad Wore the Cutest Coordinated Outfits

Nope, twinning with your SO doesn't have to look gaudy!
Fact: KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad are a powerhouse duo. Not only can they command a stage and carry a tune, they're also guaranteed to brighten your day with countless swoon-worthy moments. The best part? They somehow always look stylish when they try to make us swoon!