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All of Chie Filomeno's Small and Minimalist Tattoos

They are all very subtle!
Aside from her impressive multiple ear piercings, Chie Filomeno also has quite a collection of tattoos. A few weeks back, someone sent her a question on her Instagram Story asking if they could see her tattoos, and the 25-year-old actress obliged. She

Adidas PH Conducts an All-Female Program For Casual Runners

Fifteen girls hit the road for a more active lifestyle.
To align with their long-running mantra that fitness is for everyone, Adidas unveiled a new campaign that tapped local runners united under a common fitness goal: to jumpstart a healthy physical and mental lifestyle amid the pandemic.In the global apparel brand's 'Girls

8 Korean Celebrities Who Have Talked About Filipino Food

They love our local dishes and delicacies!
We recently found out that The Penthouse star Eugene has packets of sinigang mix in her pantry. She also described what sinigang tastes like and this led us to the idea: Who are the other Korean actors and K-pop idols who have

Camila Cabello Has An Important Reminder For All Of Us to Rest

"Rest is honorable, necessary, and sacred."
If you've been feeling off lately and you don't know why, there's a good chance you haven't gotten much quality rest. For example, I accidentally got 11 hours of sleep last night and already I feel like a different person. And while

Too Much Free Time Could Be as Bad as Having None at All, According to Study

"Findings suggest that ending up with entire days free to fill at one's discretion may leave one similarly unhappy."
Today in new you don't want to hear: a new study says too much free time could be as bad as having none at all.The study, which comes from the American Psychological Assocation and published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,

These Are the Best Tips to Preserve Your IPhone's Battery Health

Make sure to incorporate these handy tips into your daily routine.
If you’re just about ready to purchase a new iPhone—or looking to make your current model last a few more months before you consider investing in a new device—then we have an important piece of advice: Preserve your iPhone’s battery health. We

10 Well-Loved Bars We Said Goodbye to During the Pandemic

Let this be a reminder to support those that remain open.
The pandemic spared almost no one as COVID-19 spread throughout the globe. The F&B world took a huge hit—and if there’s any sub-category that's gravely affected, it’s the nightlife scene. After all, much of their appeal lies not only in their food

7 Filipina Celebrities Open Up About Their PCOS Struggles

The list includes Inka Magnaye, Moira dela Torre, and more.
Polycystic ovary syndrome, or more commonly known as PCOS is a struggle (personally, I have it, too). TBH, even doctors find it difficult to diagnose because "there is no single test to diagnose PCOS [and] there is a long list of symptoms and

What Is a "Comfort Character" and Why Do You Need One in Your Life?

Imagine an alternate universe where the Kambal from Trese are your best friends.
Do you ever feel like a fictional character would understand you better than your classmates, friends, own family, and maybe even your partner? Yeah, we understand you. We just know Captain America would totally get that strange and inescapable feeling of dread