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Twin Eclipses: The Sun and Moon Are Checking Out In June

Two eclipses are expected to grace our skies.
Despite all the turmoil on earth in 2020, this year has proven to be an eventful one in space. We’ve already witnessed three supermoons and just last week, SpaceX made history as the first rocket launched into space by a private company.Now

3 Ways to Make Your Own Ice Cream at Home

Can you believe you can do this with only two ingredients?
These days, you can make anything even with minimal resources—all you really need is patience. First, there was dalgona coffee, something that originally needed a mixer or at the very least, a whisk, but was successfully created by many using only a

These Chic Tumblers Come in Soft Colors Perfect for Your Aesthetic

We can't take our eyes off that rose gold bottle!
Health and personal hygiene are big concerns on everyone's minds these days. We often talk about how one of the key factors to practicing proper hygiene is to constantly keep your hands clean. Similarly, when it comes to health, an indispensable element

The Ube Desserts Worth Getting Delivered Right Now

For lovers of purple yam, here are cakes, ice cream, and more.
Some might dismiss it as a mere food trend, but—judging from its continuing popularity and ubiquity in local dessert menus—ube has definitely proven that it has serious staying power. Aside from its striking purple hue, its naturally nutty flavor works great in

These Five Filipino Films Are Coming Out on Netflix in June

These are no ordinary Filipino movies.
Five Filipino films will premiere on Netflix in June in celebration of Philippine Independence Day. The five films are Lola Igna, Pamilya Ordinaryo (Ordinary People), Pinoy Sunday, Sunod, and Untrue.Notable are Lola Igna and Pamilya Ordinaryo, which are critically acclaimed films that

We Can't Wait to Try These Budget-Friendly Wireless Earphones

It's only around P1,200 in Philippine pesos!
These days, more and more gadget brands are coming out with wireless earphones—and in cute colors, too. If you're on the lookout for budget-friendly Bluetooth earbuds, you might want to check out Xiaomi's latest pair: the Mi AirDots 2 SE.The Mi AirDots

You Can Now Get Maxi Mango's Delectable Desserts Delivered!

Love mango desserts? You can have these desserts delivered.
You don't need to say goodbye to the summer's juiciest mangoes just yet. Maxi Mango can now deliver their famous mango desserts to your doorstep whether you re from Metro Manila or its outskirts.For those who are on Team Yellow Mango, you can

Mango Sago And Strawberry Sansrival Ice Cream? We're In!

There's a peach flavor worth trying, too!
When it comes to eating frozen desserts, there's really no "right" weather to enjoy it. For those looking for a sweet frozen dessert they can enjoy at home, rain or shine, Sebastian's Ice Cream just dropped its summer collection of fruity desserts:

You Can Now Get These Light and Airy Cream Puffs Delivered

Should you go for custard or cookies and cream for the filling?
Cream puffs are one underrated treat—with their slightly crisp exterior and cold, creamy interior, they’re really one of the best desserts around. If that got your mouth watering, you’re in for a treat, because Beard Papa’s has repoened their Glorietta 2 branch.

8 Movies You Need to Watch If You're a Huge Mythology Fan

Brad Pitt in "Troy." Enough said.
If you're a Disney fan, then growing up you've probably sung along to I Won't Say I'm In Love from Hercules at least once; Meg was such a mood, tbh. But if the animated film characters got you interested in learning their

Places That Can Deliver Taho In Metro Manila

Missing your favorite morning ritual?
It's been more than two months of being at home where mornings go by without the neighborhood taho vendors outside peddling a favorite morning meal. While we miss this morning ritual, there are online shops that can deliver tubs and cups of

The 11 Top-Rating ABS-CBN Teleseryes of All Time

What is the highest-rating ABS-CBN teleserye of all-time?
Viewers have known for a long time that one area where ABS-CBN leads is in its drama series.ABS-CBN has so mastered the continuing television drama that it owns even the term eventually coined for this: teleserye.To this day, the term teleserye has

Malls Are "Reopening" Today—Here's What to Expect

It's cumbersome but necessary.
As most of the country transitions away from enhanced community quarantine to either general CQ or modified ECQ, Filipinos will soon find themselves gradually going back to normal. For many of us, that means going back to shopping malls, many of which

These Sleek Wireless Earbuds Come in the Most #Aesthetic Colors

The matte finish and no-frills design is perfect for minimalists!
If you're dreaming about new tech that's both useful and #aesthetic, you're going to want to check this out: Urbanears' new listening devices, the Luma Wireless Earbuds and Alby Wireless Earbuds come in the prettiest colors!These earbuds are set to be released