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This App Tells You Which Hospitals Have Available COVID Beds

From a Filipina data scientist in Australia.
A Filipina data scientist in Australia put her numbers-crunching to practical use, building an app that helps her countrymen back home find available hospital beds for COVID-19 patients.Maria Reyes' Cobeds19 app is simple—green means a bed is available, red means otherwise. The

Here's How K-Pop Star Jessica Jung Prepares for a Big Shoot

One of the tips she follows is not eating after 7:00 p.m.
I think we can all agree that one of the best things about celebrities having their own YouTube channels is getting the chance to know more about their personal preferences—as much as they're comfortable divulging, of course. Sometimes, it's a full house

Say Goodbye to Cluttered Cables With These Handy Wire Organizers

Don't let your chargers and extension cords ruin your home's aesthetic.
Nothing ruins your home's aesthetic faster than cables, chargers, extensions cords, and the like adding clutter and disarray to the various corners of your room. While wires are an unavoidable part of life in this digital era we're living in, you can

These Fruit Loops and Oreo Scented Candles Are Too Cute for Words

They actually come in glass jars and bowls!
During this quarantine, I have become a bit of a scented candle aficionado—I love making my room smell like a spa (or milk tea, LOL). I also like discovering shops that sell candles with unique concepts, like this one that sells balikbayan

Why Is Home Buddies on Facebook a Hit? We Asked the "Mayora"

Are you a 'kapitbahay' and 'kabudol'?
From an Instagram page chronicling her own home improvement journey, Frances Lim Cabatuando is now inspiring over a million Filipinos with Home Buddies--a Facebook community dedicated to refining living spaces.Born in September 2020 as the country was settling into COVID quarantines, Home

5 Local YouTubers Who Are Actually Related to Celebrities

You'll casually spot a familiar face while watching their vlogs.
Our favorite YouTubers are kind of like celebrities to us. We look up to them and admire them for all the content they post. And if you're observant enough when binge-watching their videos, you'll notice that some of our favorite YouTube personalities

10 K-Dramas to Watch After Work That Won't Stress You Out

Because you deserve something good!
After a long day at work, I would often search for K-dramas that don't need a lot of effort to consume. Think series that will make you feel good, laugh out loud, and relieve your stress. They're also bound to motivate you

11 Great Coffee Makers That Won't Crowd Your Countertop

No need for bulky machines!
It seems like everyone is becoming a full-blown home brewer in quarantine, both as a hobby and as a way of recreating the taste and feel of hanging out at a coffee shop—remember when that was a thing? You may be one

8 Filipinos Land on Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List 2021

Young movers and shakers.
Eight Filipinos were honored in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List of 2021. The prestigious list recognizes Asia’s young entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, and more, all of whom are making waves in their respective industries. In total, 300 trailblazers are honored each