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12 Instagrammable and Aesthetic Ways to Take Shoefies

Update your feed with detail shots of your favorite steppers.
If you bought pretty shoes pre-pandemic and you think they didn't get the "airtime" and cost-per-wear they deserved, here's an easy solution: Post shoefies! Cute pics of your sneakers, heels, sandals, and flats are good filler photos for your feed. It's a

Here's How You Can Add a Colored Filter to Your Photos Without an App

Because less apps = more space on your phone.
As many successful content creators have stressed time and time again, you can shoot AND edit great content using a mobile phone. Or more specifically, using the phone you already have.Internet personalities Bamlife, AC Soriano, and even celeb photographer BJ Pascual can attest

Get Your Coffee Fix at This Minimalist Japanese Cafe in Greenhills

This aesthetic stall is definitely worth the visit!
No trip to Japan is complete without visiting one of their many small cafés. You get to chill out in a laid-back but well-designed setting while treating your tastebuds to great cups of joe (and chatting up their baristas, too!). Locally, there

5 K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix and Viu If You Loved 'It's Okay, That's Love'

Want a show that tackles love and life realistically? Then check out this list!
It's Okay, That's Love (IOTL) is one of the most popular and critically-praised K-dramas out there. Its beautiful, sensitive, and poignant story about realistic characters and their struggles (including tackling the tricky topic of mental illness) makes it a must-watch. The highly-acclaimed K-drama

Free Apps to Download for That Vintage Polaroid Photo Aesthetic

Want this trendy analog cam look for your IG photos?
There's just something about grainy film photos that are just so trendy and cool right now. Polaroids in particular have experienced a resurgence over the past few years. Need proof? Local celebrities love these analog pics that are a great aesthetic for

15 Fresh Ways to Wear a Dress, As Seen on Celebrities

Cute and casual!
When it comes to comfortable and wearable fashion trends, nothing beats dresses. Aside from never worrying about matching your top and bottoms, a dress will make you look polished and put together right away. Since it's almost always summer in the Philipines,

Rabiya Mateo Says She Did Everything to Win the Miss Universe 2020 Crown

"It was such a beautiful moment to represent you, Philippines. I am forever honored to be part of the legacy, of our history."
A post shared by Rabiya Mateo (@rabiyamateo)"It was such a beautiful moment to represent you, Philippines. I am forever honored to be part of the legacy, of our history," she wrote in the caption accompanying a pic of her absolutely slaying in

How to Decorate Your Home with Wood and Neutral Elements

Going for a calm, basic palette?
Some people may think that neutrals are boring, but really, it's all about how they're used. Blended with the right forms and textures, a neutral palette can immediately give a space an instant upgrade and a luxe vibe, all the while exuding

This Sleek Compact Coffee Maker Can Make Espresso-Level Brews On the Go

It uses pressure to extract coffee with no bitterness!
We recently showed you some small coffee makers you can shop now if you don't have space at home for a full-blown, industrial-sized espresso machine. Here's another compact brewer to consider if you want to make espresso-level brews minus the bulky machine:

Simple Life Hacks to Save More Money in 2021, According to Financial Advisors

Here's how you can prevent spending beyond your means.
Are you struggling to set aside money every month? During Female Network's Usapang Pera session on Pinoy social app Calamansi, unit manager of SunLife Clarise Perez and unit manager of PruLife Michael San Roque shared some simple habits you can start practicing if you're having a hard time saving money. Check them

10 Effortless Ways to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive and Polished

Want to look expensive? Here's a quick guide.
When it comes to looking polished, we assume that we have to spend on expensive items and exert A LOT of effort. We sometimes think that these habits help create a sophisticated outfit: spending on a designer bag, splurging on clothes every

10 Stylish Loose White T-shirts You Need in Your Closet Right Now

Count on these stylish tees!
Loose T-shirts are a must-have in every lazy or chill girl’s wardrobe. They provide a comfortable go-to for casual outfits that let your food baby breathe. Plus, if you know how to choose, they can also look effortlessly stylish and put-together. Despite