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PSA: You Can Make Shake Shack's ShackBurger at Home with This DIY Kit!

You can make eight burgers with one kit!
Have you always dreamed of making your own Shake Shack burger at home? Well, your dreams are finally coming true! Shake Shack just launched the ShackBurger Do-It-Yourself Kit so you can make the iconic ShackBurger at home.Each DIY ShackBurget Kit (P1,600) has

Here's What the Cast of "Reply 1988" Is Up to Now

Here's a gentle reminder to rewatch one of the best K-dramas out there!
The 2015 K-drama Reply 1988, which told the story of different families living in one neighborhood, made us laugh, cry, and realize important life lessons while watching it. The nostalgia hit us hard and made us miss our OWN teenage years. More

Here's How Beauty Oils Can Help Brighten Your Bikini Area

Even out discoloration with these natural picks!
Your bikini area is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Because it's prone to chafing, the skin around this area produces an excess amount of melanin—this causes it to appear darker than the rest of your body. If you're looking to brighten

7 K-Drama Actors and the Products They Use for Glowing Skin

You might've heard of some of these products before!
Aside from giving us butterflies, our K-drama oppas have also taught us to get a guy who knows how important skincare is. We love how these handsome actors take care of their dewy, poreless skin. Want to know the beauty brands they

Here's Why Changing Your Face Wash Can Help You Get Rid of Breakouts

Be gentle with your skin!
So you've been doing your best in following your skincare routine using the best spot treatments in the market, but your breakouts still won't go away. You've tried almost everything—from patronizing salicylic acid products to practicing meditation to keep cortisol levels low—but

10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Park Seo Joon

Did you know he speaks Spanish?
Dubbed as the master of Korean romantic comedy, Park Seo Joon has become the dream leading man we all hoped for. Aside from his charming looks, we like how he’s always able to build a swoon-worthy chemistry with whoever he’s paired up

6 Classic K-Drama Leading Ladies and Their Iconic Hairstyles

OG K-drama fans would know!
Classic K-dramas are really the best to binge-watch. We never get tired of them. Aside from their unforgettable plotlines, the leading ladies' hairstyles are iconic, too. Keep scrolling for some of the most memorable ones on our list!When we think of Geum

PSA: Family Mart's Onigiri and Ramen Are Now Available for Delivery!

Craving your convenient store faves?
We’ve raved about Family Mart’s Onigiri, and for good reason. These nori-wrapped rice balls with various savory fillings make for a great on-the-go snack or light meal. Missing these treats? You can now get them delivered straight to your doorstep, along with

5 Korean Skincare Products That Can Help Minimize Your Pores

Pore-blem solved!
When we talk about Korean "glass skin," we instantly picture it as radiant, dewy, and most importantly—poreless! But here’s the thing: attaining a poreless complexion doesn’t exactly mean removing your pores. It’s more about refining the appearance while still allowing your skin

These Filipinas Visited "Hi Bye, Mama!" Filming Locations in Korea

Definitely adding these to our travel wishlist!
We're still on a Hi Bye, Mama! high, and our love for the show intensified when we spotted Pinoys at the actual filming locations of the show! On May 1, Maricel Tabudlong, along with her friends Leslie Bejasa, Sheila Bables, and Jasper

7 Neutral Blushes to Try for a Natural, Sunkissed Flush

Add these rosy, peachy-brown hues to your collection!
For fans of minimalist makeup looks, we'd love to fill you in on the product that may be missing in your life: Neutral blushes. These come in peachy brown shades with a hint of rose. They create a beautiful sun-kissed flush that