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Local Brand Weave Just Dropped a Swimwear Line and We Want Everything

Here's your cue to run and hoard.
The rains may have come down on Manila, but it's always sunny elsewhere, right? That's the prevailing idea behind local label Weave's latest endeavor—you have to see their new line of chic, tastefully streamlined swimwear. Delving into the world of bikinis and maillots

10 Swimsuits You Can Wear Beyond the Beach

Double duty suits coming your way!
Here in the Philippines, it's summer all year round! So if you're planning to invest in new swimwear, we say you can never go wrong with one that you can still wear even in the city. Here are 10 double duty swimsuits you

10 Swimsuits to Perfectly Show Off Your Curvy Figure

As demonstrated by some curvy gals.
If you aren't on the beach yet flaunting that bod, then get going. It's summer and there's no better time to really show 'em what that booty can do—below, 10 swimsuits that are sure to hug you in all the right places,

3 Fashion Decisions You Need to Make Before Surfing

What you wear while catching waves is actually important.
Summer is almost upon us. And if you're looking for fun activities to do, you may want to consider surfing! But before you hit the waves, you should check your wardrobe first because what you wear to surf actually matters. Here are

10 Cheeky, High-Cut Swimsuits You'll Need This Summer

Show off that apple bottom on the beach!
You've worked hard for that taut and toned behind, so flaunt it! 'Tis the season for frolicking in the sand and sea, after all. There's no better way to go pantsless than by cutting it close—and by close, we mean high. Below,

11 Chic Lace-Up Swimsuits to Shop Now

These have got us on a string!
May is about to end, but that doesn't mean you can't sneak in one last beach trip—and one last adorable swimsuit trend, while you're at it. You've shopped for velvet bikinis, nude maillots, and ballet-inspired pieces; this time, hunt down tasteful, elegant

5 Adorable Swimsuits We Want to Steal from Martine Cajucom

Brb, heading to the pool!
You can bet that Martine Cajucom is making even the most sun-scared editor at Preview (a.k.a. yours truly) want to hit the beach—would you look at her swimsuits?! They're adorable. One quick scroll through her Instagram feed has got us this close to

16 Nude Swimsuits for Every Skin Tone

Because one shade won't fit all!
We've realized, with much awe and amusement, that nude swimsuits are a lot like foundations: totally dependent on your own unique complexion. One shade won't fit all, and that's something to celebrate, girls! Steal some much-needed sun fun in 16 of our

Summer Trend Report: Ballerina Swimsuits You Can Shop Now

Brb, twirling.
We at Preview HQ are #weak for anything blush pink with a ruffle (or ten) slapped across it. Maybe it's our residual childhood ballerina dreams talking, or simply an innate attraction to tulle tutus and nude leotards--whatever the case, you can pirouette

We Found the Swimsuits Arci Muñoz Wore in Camp Sawi

Get her beach style.
We're not shy about our love for the one-piece—it's versatile, trendy, and looks good in or out of the water, exactly the type of double duty clothing we appreciate. Apparently, Arci Muñoz's character in her newest film Camp Sawi shares the same

18 Sporty Swimsuits for Active Beach Babes

For the water babies.
If to you, going to the beach means a whole day of surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, or jet skiing, then the ordinary swimsuit won’t do. You need suits that allow you to do your thang without having to worry about anything else other

50 Photos of Celebrities Rocking Their One-Piece Swimsuits

More reasons to get yourself one, stat!
With the massive amount of one-piece swimsuit styles to choose from, we totally get it if you end up hoarding your heart out. Lucky for us, it's beach weather the whole year round and these onesies are certified beach- and city-ready. Wear

6 Most Iconic Swimsuits Of All Time

Which star wore them and what makes them special? Find out here.
Summer is totally in full swing and while you're busy shopping for swimsuits, how about a quick history detour? We trace the history of swimwear by making a quick survey on pop culture and narrowing them down to six styles. So what

Swimwear Special: 19 Flattering High-waist Suits

We end the week with an array of delightful high-waist swimmies.
We are down to our last Swimwear Special installation and I’m pretty sure you have spotted a number of swimmies that you’d love to cop for summer, but wait, there’s more—we list the most covetable, most flattering high-waist swimsuits just for you!

Swimwear Special: 22 Lovely Halter Suits

This sexy deep-V neckline is universally flattering. Shop now!
We are now on our fourth (Yes! Can you believe it?) list for the week and today we gather the sexiest and most flattering halter swimsuits from our favorite swimwear stores.Halter swimsuits, may it be a bikini, a tankini, or a one-piece

Swimwear Special: 21 Triangle Tops To Covet

We list a variation of the classic bikini to suit your super fun summer getaway.
We’re onto our third list for the week and this time we search high and low for the best triangle bikini tops in the metro—printed, neoprene, metallic, sexy strings—we listed them all!What’s fun with bikinis is that you can mix and match

Swimwear Special: 18 Must-have Bandeau Tops

We zoom in on the hottest bandeau tops you can wear to the beach or pool!
We’re onto our second list for this week’s Swimwear Special and since there are so many nice bikinis to choose from, we decide to focus on two different necklines—first up is the famous bandeau! We round up the cutest of the bunch

Swimwear Special: 20 One-piece Swimsuits

We offer a smorgasbord of this season's hottest one-piece suits!
While the weather seems to remain unpredictable—scorching the other day, windy yesterday, a bit nippy today—we can't help but become extra excited for the summer days ahead. And yes, we're guilty of planning beach trips and out-of-town getaways in our head each