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4 Local Brands That Let You Customize Your Swimsuit

No need to settle for what's left on the racks.
Ready for the best sartorial news you'll get this summer? Here it is: You can now customize your very own swimsuit! Yup, you heard that right—no more poking around in suits that don't quite hit the spot. If you've been desperately hunting

10 Online Shops Where Celebs Buy Their Swimsuits

Take a cue from your style idols!
We're gonna get straight to the point here: Yes, in order to bring you this curated list of sought-after online swimsuit shops, we scoured some of our fave local celebs' beach photo tags and jotted our findings down. Since it's officially summer

10 Swimsuits to Perfectly Show Off Your Curvy Figure

As demonstrated by some curvy gals.
If you aren't on the beach yet flaunting that bod, then get going. It's summer and there's no better time to really show 'em what that booty can do—below, 10 swimsuits that are sure to hug you in all the right places,

10 Swimsuits You Can Wear Even After Eating a Full Meal

'Cause we feel that #struggle, girl.
Eating a huge, freshly-caught meal post-swim is one of the best things about hanging seaside. The subsequent bloating, however, is not. That said, there's a way around everything! Below, we list 10 shoppable swimsuits you can wear mere minutes after that seafood

11 Chic Lace-Up Swimsuits to Shop Now

These have got us on a string!
May is about to end, but that doesn't mean you can't sneak in one last beach trip—and one last adorable swimsuit trend, while you're at it. You've shopped for velvet bikinis, nude maillots, and ballet-inspired pieces; this time, hunt down tasteful, elegant

16 Nude Swimsuits for Every Skin Tone

Because one shade won't fit all!
We've realized, with much awe and amusement, that nude swimsuits are a lot like foundations: totally dependent on your own unique complexion. One shade won't fit all, and that's something to celebrate, girls! Steal some much-needed sun fun in 16 of our

15 Cheeky Bikinis You Can Use to Nail That Beach Photo

No butts, ifs, and whys.
Now these are what you need to transform into a literal beach bum. Looking for a swimsuit that's anything butt boring (pun 101% intended)? Yawn no more, because we've rounded up 15 of our peachiest picks for your perusal—apple bottom jeans move

How Lady Gaga Became My Summer Fashion Icon

She even convinced me that a maillot can be sexy.
I was a child of summer once. Few things could top the pleasure of stripping away clothing and basking in the sun’s golden glow. My back to the sand, I would gaze up at the clouds and watch as they danced to

10 Adorable Reversible Swimsuits That Work Double Time

Get the best of both worlds!
Think of it this way: your swimsuit is an investment, as quality pieces don't often come too cheap, and it should therefore work hard. Purchasing a reversible option is a great route to mixing form and function--after all, why pack two suits

17 Sleeved Swimsuits for Girls Who Want Some Extra Coverage

Look stylish even without showing too much skin.
Not everyone is a fan of baring it all at the beach, but covering up should neeever be a frumpy affair! We're begging you to please, please finally let go of your ratty old rashguard in favor of these modest-yet-stylish picks. Get

Summer Trend Report: Ballerina Swimsuits You Can Shop Now

Brb, twirling.
We at Preview HQ are #weak for anything blush pink with a ruffle (or ten) slapped across it. Maybe it's our residual childhood ballerina dreams talking, or simply an innate attraction to tulle tutus and nude leotards--whatever the case, you can pirouette

23 Local Online Swimsuit Brands You Should Know

...and what we love about them!
In our country of eternal summers, it should come as no surprise that pristine white beaches are a dime a dozen. And, where there are perfect beaches, there is the undying need for adorable swimsuits to frolic on the shore in! Below,

20 Athletic Swimsuits for the Sassy Sporty Girl

Cute yet functional!
Not into dainty details? Worry not because even rough-n'-tumble sporty girls can look chic by the sea, and all it takes is a swimsuit that flatters your athletic sensibilitites! Below, we've rounded up 20 cute pieces to suit your taste. Now pick

12 Stores Where You Can Find Your New Summer Swimsuit

Time to go shopping!
One of the trickiest things about swimwear is that you can never be sure of the fit unless you try it on first. Iffy about buying online? Then get in, winner—we're going shopping! Summer's coming our way hot and fast, so you've

25 Cute Bikinis Perfect for Your Next Beach Trip

Get shopping!
The bikini has an interesting history. Its name was coined in 1946 by French engineer and clothing designer Louis Réard, after the then-recent peacetime nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. The daring design even came with a slogan: "an

10 Celebs Who Love Boom Sason's Sexy Custom Swimsuits

There's nothing sultrier to take a dip in.
Everyone from Georgina Wilson to Maine Mendoza is wearing Boom Sason's sexy pieces to red carpets, weddings, and debutante balls across the country (and out of it—take Solenn Heussaff, who wore a Boom creation to her civil ceremony in Argentina), but in case

We Found the Swimsuits Arci Muñoz Wore in Camp Sawi

Get her beach style.
We're not shy about our love for the one-piece—it's versatile, trendy, and looks good in or out of the water, exactly the type of double duty clothing we appreciate. Apparently, Arci Muñoz's character in her newest film Camp Sawi shares the same

18 Sporty Swimsuits for Active Beach Babes

For the water babies.
If to you, going to the beach means a whole day of surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, or jet skiing, then the ordinary swimsuit won’t do. You need suits that allow you to do your thang without having to worry about anything else other