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You Need to Try This Leche Flan Stuffed Pan De Sal

Meet the Flandesal.
TOP STORY: Heart Evangelista Is a Real-Life Astrid Leong and Here's WhyEach Flandesal has a slightly crisp, sweet crust and a rich, custardy leche flan filling that gets meltingly creamy when heated. You won't be able to stop at one! A box of

You Can Soon Get Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's Milk Pie with Chocolate!

A chocolate-almond topping makes this dessert even more luscious.
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory made waves in the local dessert world when they introduced their Milk Pie with the opening of their standalone café in 2019. While it's perfect as it is—what with its flaky pastry and choux-puff exterior and billowy milk-cream

The Best Coffee-Flavored Desserts You Have To Try Today

For all the coffee addicts out there!
Sure, coffee is great paired with desserts—but the other thing to know is that coffee is great in desserts. Its robust flavor profile works wonders in sweet and creamy forms, which is why you'll find it in everything from cakes to ice

Cookie-Butter Fans, We Know Where You Can Get Biscoff Ice Cream

Imagine speculoos in a frozen, creamy form!
There are cookies, and then there are Lotus Biscoff cookies—the famous brand of the traditional spiced European cookies known as speculoos. And while it's good in their original biscuit form or turned into cookie butter, here's an even better way to have

Chocoholics, You're Gonna Love This New Champorado Ice Cream

It's a collaboration between Hapag, The Lost Bread, and Auro Chocolate!
Who doesn't find comfort in cozying up to a warm bowl of champorado, especially on a rainy day? There's just something about the way chocolate and rice come together that makes for a whole that's more than the sum of its parts.

We Found Milk Tea Tres Leches Cake and Here's Where to Get It

They're so IG-worthy, too!
Latin American cake tres leches is one of those desserts that is open to many interpretations thanks to its simple flavors and classic composition. We recently spotted ube tres leches as well as tres leches topped with yema you can order now. If

Starbucks' Two New Cheesecakes Are Made for Oreo and Blueberry Fans

They also have a new chocolate cake!
ICYMI, Starbucks announced the return of the famous Pumpkin Spice Lattes and the launch of their new oat milk-based beverages and the Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew. In line with this announcement, they also added new desserts to the menu.If you love trying out different

These Extra Fudgy Crinkles Are Stuffed With Gooey Caramel Filling

Here's how you can order this sweet treat!
One of the addicting sweet-on-sweet pairings is the classic combination of chocolate and caramel. If caramel-coated chocolate cakes are one of your favorite desserts ever, then you will probably love these Fudgy Chocolate Crinkles with Caramel by Sweet Cups MNL, too.Just like

This Strawberry Cheesecake Is Topped With Meiji Apollo Chocolates

It's got a fudgy brownie base and fresh strawberry bits inside!
Fans of Japanese snacks are no doubt familiar with Meiji's bite-sized, Mount Fuji-shaped Apollo Strawberry Chocolates. The rich mix of flavors on the treat is addicting all on its own, but we spotted a dessert that takes it to the next level:

This Ice Cream-Filled Matcha Taiyaki Is the Treat You Deserve

You can get it delivered, too!
Nothing beats cooling off with a cool, creamy popsicle on a hot afternoon. You've probably had chocolate or vanilla bars, but what about a fish-shaped bar filled with ice cream with the earthy flavor of matcha and red beans? Here's where you

10 Shops That Sell Delicious Cakes for IG-Worthy Celebrations

And they'll only cost you P500 or less!
As quarantine in Metro Manila stretches on, the weeks and months seem to go by like hours and days can seem monotonous and dull. That's why using your weekends and days off as an excuse to treat yourself or your household to

This Instagram Bakeshop Sells Soft and Chewy Ube Crinkles You'll Love

Ube and crinkles in one? Yes, please!
Had enough of all the ube-flavored desserts coming out left and right around Metro Manila? Nope, we didn't think so. You can get ube cookies, cinnamon rolls, ice cream cake, tres leches, and so much more, but we bet your you're still on the hunt for sweet treats

4 Reasons Why You Need to Break Up With Sugar

You’re always tired and you’re gaining weight.
You need sugar. No matter how much the next diet fad denies it, it’s a fact. That said, you only need to take in just enough sugar in order for you to function well. Ingesting more than the amount needed can cause an