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10 Ways to Wear a White T-Shirt Like a K-Drama Actress

A basic white tee can go a long way!
Think of a versatile fashion item and it’s got to be none other than the basic white tee. While it makes acase for casual dressing, you can always elevate the piece in different ways. Just look at how your fave K-drama characters

This OOTD of Suzy Bae Is Going Viral Because of Her "Perfect Shadow"

"If I can't be as beautiful as Bae Suzy, at least I have to be as beautiful as her shadow." LOL!
Suzy Bae needs no introduction. She is no doubt one of the most popular female celebrities in South Korea today. With a great eye for style and a must-cop skincare routine, the Vagabond star always manages to make headlines for her fashion-forward

Here's the K-Beauty Way to Wear Living Coral Makeup

It could be your new go-to look.
Coral hues are going to be big in 2019 (Pantone has already called it) and from the looks of it, the trend will be spreading all over—Seoul, included. In fact, Korean actress Suzy Bae has already started sporting the hue on Instagram,

This Logo Tee Is All Over Instagram

Guess what!
Fashion’s resurrected obsession for the logo t-shirt is apparent not only on the runways but also on social media. The first to flood our Instagram feeds was Gucci’s vintage-style tee, which retails for a staggering $867—albeit it’s flying off the shelves of

5 Real-Life Korean Celebrity Couples We're Swooning Over

They’re a match made in K-drama heaven!
Once you fall into the K-drama hole, there’s simply no going back! Every episode brings out the hopeless romantic in each of us, hence we sometimes can’t help but wish for our favorite actors and actresses to end up together IRL. But

Suzy Bae's Beauty Routine Will Change the Way You Cleanse Your Face

Find out the skin care secret she swears by.
For us mere mortals, being the real-life girlfriend of Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho may seem like a good enough excuse to be jealous of Suzy Bae. But that aside, let’s be honest—there’s another obvious reason as to why this 22-year-old singer