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#SpecsParty: A Chat with Georgina and Martine

Introducing Sunnies Specs and what’s next for Sunnies Studios.
Before the team behind Sunnies Studios were shaking up nothing but good vibes at the #SpecsParty later in the evening to celebrate the launch of Sunnies Specs, we caught up with two of the masterminds, Georgina Wilson and Martine Cajucom to ask

Mike Concepcion Walks Us Through The New Ronnie & Joe Store

The eyewear salon has found its second home in Power Plant Mall.
Ronnie & Joe, the eyewear boutique filled with hard-to-find labels that we had long hoped to find in our tropical shores just opened its second branch at the ground floor of Power Plant Mall—and we got first dibs on the deets!The man

Sunnies Studios By The Numbers

We're cracking the digits to celebrate Sunnies Studios' first anniversary.
Once upon an October there was a couple and two cousins —bounded by friendship —who created what would be the country’s go-to eyewear hub. Eric Dee Jr., Bea Soriano, Georgina Wilson, and Martine Cajucom first introduced Sunnies by Charlie in 2013 with

Art In The Dark

TOMS launches its eyewear line with an inter-sensory art experience.
Have you ever been locked up inside a pitch black room? Have you tried eating in the dark? Or how did you feel when while you were emerged in something, the lights suddenly went off? It’s debilitating, right? Now, can you imagine

#mondaymusthave : Round-frame Sunnies

Start the week right with this pair from Sunnies By Charlie.
SMILE! It's Monday and instead of dreading school or work, why not focus your attention on prettifying yourself?  In case you missed it, we discussed 7 Reasons Why You Should Give A Damn About Your Appearance and this counts for all the days