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8 Water-Resistant Sunscreens to Pack for Your Beach Trip

Dodge a sunburn!
Once you get your sun care knowledge in check, the next step is choosing a product that's worth your money. It's high time you pack your summer SOS kit anyway! Below, we list the sunscreens that won't wash off after a quick

What To Pack For A Summer Rave

Enjoy bass drops and dance breaks without breaking your cool.
As Closeup’s Forever Summer and Summer Siren Festival draw near, all we can think about is enjoying some electronic dance music under the summer sun. From keeping the UV rays at bay to preventing makeup meltdowns, we run through our top products

The Top 8 Sunscreens For Your Body

Wearing sunscreen is as basic as your underwear: you never leave home without it. See our all-star picks!
Yesterday, you were schooled on the best sunscreen for your face, and today, the spotlight is on the  best sunscreen for your body. Summer is not the only time to wear it—I can’t remember how many times I’ve stressed on the importance of

7107 Imf Must-have Beauty Kit

Check out what we're keeping in our sling bags come festival day.
When the sun is involved, it’s best to keep it simple. With being mobile a priority for maximum enjoyment, there’s very little room for frivolities at a music festival. Today, we strip our kikay kits to the bare essentials and tip you