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These Are the Sunscreen Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Are mineral sunscreens really "better" than chemical sunscreens?
Sunscreen is probably the most misunderstood skincare product out there. It has its fair share of naysayers, and because the science behind it isn't the simplest, misinformation about it is practically everywhere. So let's do some myth-busting, shall we? Keep scrolling for

5 Non-Sticky Sunscreens You Can Wear All Day Long

Yes, you still need one even when you don't go out!
We can't stress this enough: Sunscreen is your skin's best friend! After all, protecting yourself from the harsh UVB/UVA rays should be your utmost priority. But, being stuck at home likely means that we forget to slather on our daily dose of

10 Lightweight Spray Sunscreens You Can Use All Year Long

Prevent sun damage with one spritz!
Rain or shine, you should never forget to apply sunscreen for some UV protection. Sure, it's not the most convenient skincare step ever (you'd have to reapply every few hours), but it could be if you choose an application method that works for you!If

What to Do When You Get a Sunburn, According to a Dermatologist

From first aid to after-care!
It's almost too easy to get carried away while you're having fun in the sun. Despite the blistering heat, you might not recognize your skin sending you stress signals before you're red all over and officially sunburnt.Sunburn, although extremely common in the

Can Moisturizers with SPF Really Protect Your Skin from the Sun?

We investigate.
As relentless advocates for sun protection (yup, we feel that strongly about it), we always recommend wearing sunscreen as the last step of your skincare. It's a dermatologist-approved way to make sure you'll be protected from the sun, with a literal veil

Here's How Maxene Magalona Achieves a Glowing Look Without Foundation

She needs one key product to ace her natural-looking glow!
Being a celebrity, it's inevitable for Maxene Magalona to wear a full face of makeup almost on the daily. So on days when she has no events or filming schedules lined up, the actress prefers to let her skin relax by wearing less products.

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Sunburn

Stay safe under the scorching sun!
Your summer prep has to be thorough. There's more to the season than swimsuit shopping and destination planning! Here, we're giving you a rundown on the summer bummer you might be ignoring: sunburn. It can seriously happen to anyone, so be a

8 Water-Resistant Sunscreens to Pack for Your Beach Trip

Dodge a sunburn!
Once you get your sun care knowledge in check, the next step is choosing a product that's worth your money. It's high time you pack your summer SOS kit anyway! Below, we list the sunscreens that won't wash off after a quick

5 Important Sunscreen Terms You Need to Understand

Know the difference between SPF and PA.
Although you should be putting sunscreen every single day, the use of these skincare products tend to rise in the summer months. And that's great—you really need to protect your skin from sun damage if you'll be outdoors for hours on end

LOTD: Here's How Dominique Cojuangco Manages to Look Cool While Staying Warm

Sun meets snow.
Just because you're spending the holiday months somewhere freezing doesn't mean you should skimp on sun protection. Dominique Cojuangco, who's currently in London, is clearly a voice of authority on the matter.IMAGE jet-setting fashion student pairs a toasty all-black ensemble (that

5 Kinds of Beauty Products You Should Probably Avoid

Save yourself from a beauty tragedy!
Makeup can be very misleading if you're not careful. Some products may claim to do the job, but they're secretly making your beauty routine more troublesome than it should be. This is why whenever you go shopping, you have to stay smart

SPF For Every Body Part

A beauty girl’s guide to SPF.
Figuratively, everyone could use a little ray of sunshine. But in the literal sense, we can’t share the same sentiments. While the beginning of March marks basking in the sunlight and feeling the wind in our hair, an extended visit from Mr.

10 Things that Went Down at the Nivea Summer Kickoff

Plane drama, a high-flying adventure, and a whole lot more.
While February has yet to roll in, our perennially sunshine-y state means bikini season is never far away. To start off the summer with a bang, Nivea carted us off to Bohol, where we quickly realized that summer is just around the


Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Admit it, not unless you’re a general when it comes to your skincare routine then slapping on SPF is the last thing you think of when getting ready in the morning. I mean, who has time to put on sunscreen when your

The Top 8 Sunscreens For Your Body

Wearing sunscreen is as basic as your underwear: you never leave home without it. See our all-star picks!
Yesterday, you were schooled on the best sunscreen for your face, and today, the spotlight is on the  best sunscreen for your body. Summer is not the only time to wear it—I can’t remember how many times I’ve stressed on the importance of

Top 10 Sunscreens For The Face

Don't leave home without your daily dose of SPF!
To those of you who think sunblock is just for the summer, think again! Damaging UVA (causes aging) and UVB (causes skin to burn) rays are present all year round and cause cumulative damage to unprotected skin. Meaning? You unwillingly destroy the

#fridayfavorite: A Mighty Bb Cream

A new beach beauty staple!
Since I was educated and aware of the sun’s (UVA) aging and (UVB) burning abilities, I’ve been diligent in keeping my skin guarded by applying sunscreen every day, especially on my face. I feel naked when I go out of the house