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Here's How You Can Recreate Maine Mendoza's Fresh Summer Look

Glowing skin and gradient lips? Yes, please!
Maine Mendoza is changing up her beauty look for the summer, and we're totally on board! We're particularly obsessed with this fresh glam courtesy of makeup artist Mikka Marcaida:According to Mikka, the focus of this look is Maine's summer glow. It features

Solenn Heussaff Reveals Her Minimal Summer Makeup Routine

Look fresh at the beach!
Doing your makeup in the summertime can be daunting. You have to achieve that perfect balance between your usual routine and what feels comfortable given the weather—this is something girls who love wearing a full glam makeup look struggle with. Thankfully, you

Try Out This Summer Makeup Look for Radiant, Glowing Skin

Shine bright and stay glowy.
Highlighter has always been one of my favorite beauty products. From cream to liquid to powder formulas, I drool over the shimmer it brings to my face. I find myself highlighting all the high points of my face: my cheeks, the tip

10 Matte Foundations That Won't Make You Look Greasy This Summer

For fresh-looking skin all day long.
Don’t let your makeup dampen your summer vibe. To achieve even-toned skin even in the blazing heat, find a foundation that will stay fresh-looking and matte even on oily skin. Below are our top picks that won’t leave you looking like a

10 Matte Foundations Your Skin Won't Hate This Summer

Look fresh and oil-free!
It's time to stow away those dewy foundations for the next few months, because the scorching summer sun won't be as forgiving as it was during the Ber months. Instead, opt for some lightweight bases this season to keep your skin looking

LOTD: Juliana Gomez Redefines Being Pretty in Pink

Go pink or go home!
With all the traction "millennial pink" is getting, it almost feels unfair to leave the rest of the pinks behind. So to strike the iron while it's hot, it's time we give the bolder hues a spin!Check out this look from Juliana

LOTD: How to Recreate Coleen Garcia's Fresh-Faced Glow

You only need three things!
Need inspiration for your summer looks? You can always count on Coleen Garcia. This mestiza beauty wears fresh and minimal makeup regularly, even to big events like press launches. Just recently, she wore this almost au naturel look that took our breath

7 Long-Wearing Makeup Products That Can Last Any Beach Day

If you simply must put on makeup on the beach, here's everything you need.
Don't let your makeup melt under the intense sun or run under the salty waves. Be sure to stash water-resistant products that won't let you down and ruin your beach getaway. Check out these makeup kit basics that will get you through

Sport A Shiny, Summer Pout This Season

Forget your favorite mattes, ladies, because it's about time for some high shine.
Matte has been all the rage for the past couple of seasons, and seems to be going pretty strong, too. But in the summer months, when the humidity makes shine inevitable, it only seems natural to let your makeup follow suit. But

Now Try This: Colored Liner

Standing between drab and fab is a thin, colored line.
A smoky eye in the summer seems blah when pit against a thin streak of silver or green across your eyelids. Yup, that’s right, put down your blending brushes and black shadow, because a bright pop of color (think blue, pink, and

Yes To Radiantly Matte Skin In The Summer Heat

Yup, it's finally possible!
There’s nothing like simulating the healthy glow of youth. But in our humid climate, there’s a fine, fine line between dewy and oily. In the summer heat, things can get really slick in the most uncute way, which is maybe why Bobbi

Preview April 2012 Cover Beauty

Fierce beauty comes to light on this month's cover care of some Divine intervention.
Everything about this month's Preview Magazine cover spells fierce. With the visual feast that is the triad of Divine Lee, Kermit Tesoro and a rare white tiger, makeup artist Jake Galvez and hair stylist Buern Rodriguez did their part to keep the