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Here's Why You Need a Tinted Moisturizer This Summer

Get that radiant, sun-kissed look in an instant!
Summer is finally upon us. Thus, it also commences our search for beauty products that won't leave us feeling sticky and heavy under the sun. Of course, we've already got a list of what to buy this season, and one particular product

7 Products That Will Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh All Day

Stay fresh under the sun!
It's almost always hot in the Philippines all year round, so why not invest in products to keep that after-sun smell and sweat at bay? Add these to your shopping list:1. A hardworking shampooLather a shampoo that rids of the gunk and

7 Tricks That Will Stop Your Makeup From Melting This Summer

Make that face stay.
Believe us when we say that powder is not the sole answer to long-lasting makeup. There are tons of other, non-cakey techniques you can add to your routine that can summer-proof your looks the same exact way. Watch the video below for

12 Lightweight and Luminous Bases You Can Wear All Summer

You won't even feel like you're wearing anything!
Your love affair with dewy skin doesn't have to die in the summer. Just switch out your heavy foundations with something more lightweight, and you'll be good to go!Keep scrolling for our fresh face must-haves!IMAGE Etude HouseEtude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

7 Ways to Enhance Your Summer Tan

Show off that color!
With all the outdoor activities you're bound to do this summer, the sun will eventually catch up with you. We don't mean sunburn, of course. We're talking the loveliest beach souvenir of them all—a summer tan.When flaunted the right way, your new

LOTD: Kryz Uy Proves It's Okay to Wear Makeup to the Beach

Don't mind the haters.
FYI, you can wear makeup to beach if you want to. The only adjustment you probably have to make is simplifying your routine a little. Focus on what's really important for you, like your brows for example. Everything else, you can attempt

8 Hacks for Taming Your Bangs This Summer

If there's a will, there's a way!
Getting bangs can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you'll look really good, but on the other, you'll start feeling like a zookeeper. Your fringe eventually develops a life of its own and rebels.Things get trickier when summer

11 Tried-and-Tested Tricks to Get Your Makeup to Last All Day

The heat has nothing on these hacks!
Imagine spending a good one hour on your makeup, like really working hard to look your best. And then when you decided to check on your hard work three hours later, you're greeted by a nightmare: smudged eyeliner, runny mascara, oily skin,

7 Makeup Techniques to Help You Ace Your Looks This Summer

Fresh and minimal makeup for the season!
Consider summer as a decluttering phase for your beauty routine. The humid weather will practically force you to be more light-handed with your makeup and allow your skin to breathe. That said, we asked three makeup artists for tips on mastering summer-appropriate

5 Ways to Avoid Breakouts During Summer

Simple steps to great skin.
Don't get us wrong: we love summer. We just wish that it didn't always come with blistering heat, perpetual buckets of sweat, and acne-prone skin. It's a struggle, but it is what it is! The only thing we can do is hack

8 Must-Have Grooming Products for Guys This Summer

Gear up, boys!
With summer drawing near, don't think that guys are exempt from this blistering heat. Even the boys need to arm themselves with proper skin care. Whether you're hitting the beach or staying in the metro, below are some grooming products that will

The City Girl's Guide to Looking Fresh in the Summer Heat

Bring on the heat.
With summer just around the corner, we spill insider secrets on how sizzling urbanites stay fresh and glowing under the scorching sun. C’est très simple:1. Skip steaming showers for luscious skinColder months demand soothing hot baths that strip away moisture from your