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Here's Why You Need a Tinted Moisturizer This Summer

Get that radiant, sun-kissed look in an instant!
Summer is finally upon us. Thus, it also commences our search for beauty products that won't leave us feeling sticky and heavy under the sun. Of course, we've already got a list of what to buy this season, and one particular product

8 Must-Have Grooming Products for Guys This Summer

Gear up, boys!
With summer drawing near, don't think that guys are exempt from this blistering heat. Even the boys need to arm themselves with proper skin care. Whether you're hitting the beach or staying in the metro, below are some grooming products that will

Kiana Valenciano’s Summer Beauty Essentials

We took a peek inside her bag!
For a certified summer gal and constant beach-goer, preparing for a trip takes a lot more than just a set of bikinis and a floppy hat. Take it from Kiana Valenciano who’s always armed with the right essentials in the beauty department

The City Girl's Guide to Looking Fresh in the Summer Heat

Bring on the heat.
With summer just around the corner, we spill insider secrets on how sizzling urbanites stay fresh and glowing under the scorching sun. C’est très simple:1. Skip steaming showers for luscious skinColder months demand soothing hot baths that strip away moisture from your

Sunscreen And Tanning Spray In One? Oh, Yes!

Nivea Sun's latest product, Protect & Bronze, is a must-have this summer.
With the summer heat slowly seeping in, I couldn’t anymore hide my excitement for what’s ahead. I’ve been daydreaming about my blue-sky holiday basking in the sun, sand between my toes, sipping on Frozen Margaritas by the beach, and showing off a

Spf By Numbers

We break down your SPF options by how much sun you're planning to get for the holiday break.

Summer Sun

How much fun in the sun are you planning on having during the Easter break?