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Mimiyuuuh Has a Cool Layering Trick You'd Want to Steal

This one's her particular favorite.
Mimiyuuuh, comedy-queen YouTube favorite and celebrated Preview cover girl, not-so-secretly nurses a level-1000 mastery of cute, clever layering. In fact, consider that an understatement—she's so good at it. While Mimi's definitely all about cool piling, this trick is clearly her particular favorite:

Here's a Cool Way to Style a Dress That's Become Too Small

'Cause gaining inches around your midsection is a normal thing, girls.
Whether it's post-baby weight or simply time (and a much slower metabolism) altering your body, gaining pounds is a normal thing everyone has to deal with. It shouldn't cramp your style, though! Here's a super neat styling trick from Chriselle Lim on

I Let My Dad Style Me for a Week and Here's What Happened

My closet was shaking.
My personal style is a little eclectic, a tad kitschy, a bit of Harajuku here and there, and sometimes grandma chic. It isn’t formulaic. I tend to pick up trends every so often, too—but ultimately remixing and making them my own. Having

5 Instagram-Approved Ways to Look Slimmer in a Blazer

Nail the trend with this no-fail styling hack!
In case you haven't noticed the evidence on the well-curated feeds of Instagram's most stylish, the blazer trend's been blazing full-force. Still, you have to admit: The suit jacket isn't always the most flattering choice of outerwear, especially in this season's favorite

Check Out This Cool New Way to Tie Your Shoelaces

Zig-a-zig ah!
Shoelaces aren't something you intentionally think about. They simply exist to keep our kicks in place and we never really give them a second thought—until now. Aimee Song's got a styling trick that's moving our gaze down, down, down...all the way to

How to Incorporate Street Wear Pieces to Your Everyday Wardrobe

Street wear doesn't necessarily mean casual.
When someone says street wear, some immediately think casual—sweatpants, hoodies, sneakers and the like. But what if you’d like to flex your personal style and hop on the street wear trend even though your personal style isn’t exactly  “casual,” laid-back or even

Here's What You Need to Cop Maureen Wroblewitz's Style

She tells us her current fashion must-haves!
Last Friday, fans of newly-minted ForMe girl Maureen Wroblewitz were treated to the ultimate style bash at TriNoma. The brand held an online contest and picked 30 lucky fans to meet and hang with the Asia's Next Top Model winner. But 10

8 Genius Ways to Wear Your Shirtdress

Mix things up!
Chances are, you've got a trusty old shirtdress in your closet, and chances are, you've only worn it one way. Sure, it's an easy favorite, but...yawn! Fashion is never boring, so why not mix things up? Below, we give you eight genius

LOTD: Here's How You Can Wear a Beret Like a Fashion Girl

Find out where you can shop them here, as well!
Berets are definitely back on the rise. But you don't have to choose whether to wear it in a rebel-ready manner or Parisian chic. You can totally wear them on the streets to accent various outfits. Take it from blogger Renee De

5 Online Retail Websites That Will Give You Instant Styling Inspo

Based on your personal #aesthetic.
Okay, we're letting you in on one of our styling secrets: when I-have-nothing-to-wear-mornings come around, we hit our favorite online retail brands for click-quick inspo! No, you don't actually have to buy anything (let's be real, they don't all ship to our

5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Band Tee

You can wear it from a music festival then straight to the office!
As we ready ourselves for Coachella weekend number two, we took the season's It shirt—and coincidentally a music festival staple—out for a styling spin. The band tee is one of those shirts you've most probably had and have either thrown out or

5 Ways to Look Tall Without Wearing Heels

Stretch yourself out.
A pair of heels may be the quick-fix solution for instant extra height, but some of us prefer to live life a little bit closer to the ground—literally. Either that or you've got a long day on your feet ahead; in any

Asymmetrical Hems Are Totally Back, and Here's How You Wear Them Now

Look to the street, then start shopping!
These are (literally) edgy. The asymmetrical hemline is back with a vengeance and with a street style star-worthy update! Below, 15 ways we're wearing them this 2017 (along with the corresponding pieces we need in our wardrobes, stat).IMAGE Splendid, Man RepellerSplendid Wool

How to Wear Sheer Clothes In Real Life

It's totally doable!
The problem with sheer pieces is that they can be really, really hard to pull off outside of that Instagram square. Still, you can't help but be drawn to them. But how do you avoid buying clothes you're never going to actually

How To Style Your Performance Sneakers From The Gym to Elsewhere

Merge function and fashion perfectly.
Is it 2017 or twenty-seven-thin? If you prefer the latter, then hitting the gym or working out at home has probably become your top priority—that, and a pair of great sneakers to help you exercise better. But if you're wary of "function

How to Wear Your Pambahay Out

It's definitely doable!
"The world isn't our sala!" If your mom has used this line on you before, then you know better than anyone that it means your outfit looks ready for a day spent vegging out in front of the TV. But what happens

How to Wear Denim to an Evening Event

These are some good jeans.
The humble jeans' versatility has no foreseeable end. We've been wearing countless permeations of it since we were tiny tots in OshKosh overalls, but have you ever once considered wearing denim to an evening fete? It's totally doable! Below, three ways to