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10 Styling Tips to Hide That Food Baby You’ve Been Cradling

It’s a girl!
It’s now the nth day of quarantine, and we’ll admit that it feels like everything just blurs together. Sometimes, we don’t know if we’re hungry, bored, or checking out the fridge has become our hobby. One thing’s for sure, though: Food has

5 Kinds of Tops That Always Look Good on Small-Chested Body Types

For all the girls who are flat-chested and proud (as you should be).
Do you ever see someone wear an outfit you really vibe with and thought you'd want to wear the same style, but when you try it out for yourself, it just doesn't look as cute on you as you initially pictured? While

7 Stylish, Updated Ways to Wear Linen

A refresher on linen, along with interesting ways to style it.
Linen, a staple textile worn during the summer season, is more than just a breathable fabric.We learn that both cotton and linen are eco-friendly fabrics because they come from natural sources. But it’s chosen over cotton, at times, since it’s lightweight. Linen

9 Wardrobe Essentials for Dressing Like Rei Germar

Here's how you can dress like the 23-year-old YouTuber.
Today, Rei Germar is one of the hottest names in local pop culture, and much of her fame can be associated with her fun and quirky personality, luxurious shopping hauls, and cool taste in fashion. Aside from making YouTube videos for her

5 White Fashion Staples Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

These basics will never go out of style.
You can't ever go wrong with stocking up on white basics—these forever dependable items go with anything, and most importantly, they help bring an outfit together. Fill your closet with these white staples below: First things first: Make sure you have a white innerwear in your closet.

Liz Uy Has a Simple Styling Tip for Holiday Dressing

Look chic with minimal effort!
When you’ve got different Christmas reunions lined up with different groups of people, knowing what to wear can prove to be quite the dilemma.But it's your lucky day because celebrity stylist and fashion icon Liz Uy gave out a pretty simple idea if you

Liz Uy Answers Fashion Questions from Twitter

Get a free consultation with the celebrity stylist herself!
Liz Uy is, without a doubt, a fashionable force to be reckoned with. During our digital cover shoot with her last month, we asked the stylist to answer fashion questions that you Preview girls sent via Twitter. Tips to looking taller? How to refresh

How to Incorporate Street Wear Pieces to Your Everyday Wardrobe

Street wear doesn't necessarily mean casual.
When someone says street wear, some immediately think casual—sweatpants, hoodies, sneakers and the like. But what if you’d like to flex your personal style and hop on the street wear trend even though your personal style isn’t exactly  “casual,” laid-back or even

9 Ways Curvy Girls Can Style Their Jeans

Flaunt you!
Girl, you've got a booty we can't help but envy. Work it—and hard! We reiterate that you can wear absolutely anything and everything you want, but if you'd like to play up those curves to unleash their full #power, take a styling

How to Get Over Having a Predictable Wardrobe

A friendly reminder to get those clothes out of your closet and onto your body.
Do you ever find that the New Year’s resolutions you make end up as theories in your head? Let’s not even bring up the endless pep talk to get yourself to the gym; I’ll confine this article to talking about resolutions of

5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Band Tee

You can wear it from a music festival then straight to the office!
As we ready ourselves for Coachella weekend number two, we took the season's It shirt—and coincidentally a music festival staple—out for a styling spin. The band tee is one of those shirts you've most probably had and have either thrown out or

15 Styling Tricks We Learned from Korean Lookbooks

OOTD inspo right here!
With the Internet continuously saturating our feeds, trends have easily become accessible and we're left bombarded with fads that are quite confusing to get into. Often, we turn to the glossies and fashion sites to clue us in. And sometimes, we even

This Instagram Blogger Proves Petite Girls Can Rock Streetwear, Too

She pulls off oversized sweaters like no one's business.
Streetwear can pretty much be fashion's newest Seventh Wonder. Even the most classy dressers have began dabbling into the hype, thanks to brands like Supreme and Nasir Mazhar. The promise of looking cool is too irresistible.Take 20-year-old Feifei for example. From her

How To Style Your Performance Sneakers From The Gym to Elsewhere

Merge function and fashion perfectly.
Is it 2017 or twenty-seven-thin? If you prefer the latter, then hitting the gym or working out at home has probably become your top priority—that, and a pair of great sneakers to help you exercise better. But if you're wary of "function

How to Wear a Corset (Over Your Clothes, Not Under!)

Cinch it!
The corset belt has wound its way into our hearts via Prada's sailor-savvy Fall-Winter 2016 collection—those white lace-up cinchers are definitely top priority on our holiday wish lists! Still, covetable as they are, corsets have had a long and difficult tussle with

How to Make Tough Trends Wearable

From the big bag to the underboob.
Trends tend to change as fast as people can adapt to them. We've come to a point where clothes that just walked through the runways can easily be on everyone's Instagram OOTD a few hours later. However, there are still trends that