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7 Simple Yet Stylish Outfit Combinations to Try If You’re Discreetly a BTS Fan

Crushing over the boy group’s style in their SMART commercial? Why not wear the looks for yourself!
Buying merch and albums comes naturally if you stan a K-pop group. Eventually though, especially if you’re into fashion, your obsession will find its way into your wardrobe or beauty routine. Whether that be getting a piercing or tatt because of your

5 Kinds of Tops That Always Look Good on Small-Chested Body Types

For all the girls who are flat-chested and proud (as you should be).
Do you ever see someone wear an outfit you really vibe with and thought you'd want to wear the same style, but when you try it out for yourself, it just doesn't look as cute on you as you initially pictured? While

10 Cool Ways to Style Skinny Jeans

Highlight those legs!
FYI, you can show off some leg without having to bare an inch of your skin. Hear us out first: We're talking about giving skinny jeans a chance again! This means embracing their tight, form-fitting features for a slimming fit that not

I Let My Dad Style Me for a Week and Here's What Happened

My closet was shaking.
My personal style is a little eclectic, a tad kitschy, a bit of Harajuku here and there, and sometimes grandma chic. It isn’t formulaic. I tend to pick up trends every so often, too—but ultimately remixing and making them my own. Having

Maine Mendoza's Genius Hack to Planning Picture-Perfect Travel OOTDs

Learn style tricks from this stylish jetsetter.
Despite being Eat Bulaga’s resident Barangay Girl, Maine Mendoza loves to dress up when it comes to traveling—as proven by the dozen OOTDs she takes whenever she’s out of the country. The millennial jetsetter and #PreviewBestDressed celebrity takes every opportunity to flaunt

How to Incorporate Street Wear Pieces to Your Everyday Wardrobe

Street wear doesn't necessarily mean casual.
When someone says street wear, some immediately think casual—sweatpants, hoodies, sneakers and the like. But what if you’d like to flex your personal style and hop on the street wear trend even though your personal style isn’t exactly  “casual,” laid-back or even

5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Band Tee

You can wear it from a music festival then straight to the office!
As we ready ourselves for Coachella weekend number two, we took the season's It shirt—and coincidentally a music festival staple—out for a styling spin. The band tee is one of those shirts you've most probably had and have either thrown out or

15 Styling Tricks We Learned from Korean Lookbooks

OOTD inspo right here!
With the Internet continuously saturating our feeds, trends have easily become accessible and we're left bombarded with fads that are quite confusing to get into. Often, we turn to the glossies and fashion sites to clue us in. And sometimes, we even

How To Style Your Performance Sneakers From The Gym to Elsewhere

Merge function and fashion perfectly.
Is it 2017 or twenty-seven-thin? If you prefer the latter, then hitting the gym or working out at home has probably become your top priority—that, and a pair of great sneakers to help you exercise better. But if you're wary of "function

How to Succeed As a Fashion Stylist

Get pro tips from Ryuji Shiomitsu.
Styling is the pulse of fashion. The art of picking and combining the best pieces for the right people is why fashion is as useful and inspirational as it is. But it's not only a matter of taste. Stylists need to know

6 Steps to Build a Stylish Wardrobe Without Spending a Lot

Look sophisticated without leaving your wallet begging for mercy.
A hefty bank account isn't a prerequisite to having great taste and style. Today we share with you a few tips on how you can look your most fab without having to break the bank.1. Set a budget.  Every payday, set aside

How To Get That Street Style Photog's Attention

Here's how you can end up on a street style photographer's blog.
Each time you spot your favorite model or editor sporting a new outfit, you’re quick to rummage through your closet to try and cop their looks. For the longest time, these ladies have been your go-to peg on days when you’re too

Why Don't You Have Anything To Wear?

Do you keep asking yourself the same old question? Take this test and diagnose your wardrobe.
We’ve schooled you on the wardrobe basics and have given you numerous tips on how to organize your closets. Yet, somehow you still find it hard to put something together each time you open your closet doors.So, why don’t you have anything

7 Highly Effective Tips For Everyday Styling

Here's an easy guide for when you need a bit of help in getting dressed.
Before anything else, allow us to put it out there that we are not suggesting that you go and spend your hard-earned cash on lavish pieces, but to take in these tips that'll add a dash of style to your daily life. Assuming

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Bargains

Here's how you look like billions at any given budget.
Allow us to put it out there, style has very little to do with money.  Sure, you can buy out a whole store if you please but that doesn’t guarantee you elegance and flair with every purchase. You see friends, taste is