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The 5 Habits of Highly Stylish People

Follow in their fashionable footsteps!
Our fashion inspirations didn't land on top of style charts overnight. Over time, they developed daily habits that helped them attract double-taps and paparazzi-worthy snaps. Here, we list down how you can incorporate these same habits into your everyday routine.1. They know

The #previewxmasparty Is Never A Drag

‘Twas a night some of us will never forget.
In her Editor’s Note in this month’s issue of Preview, Pauline Juan talks about the heartfelt warmth brought by family during the Holidays. Just this December 18, our own (fashion) family got into the spirit of merry making as we celebrated the December-January

Instagram Feeds To Check Out: The Editors

Get to know Preview and Style Bible team by peeping into their personal accounts.
Can't get enough of Preview and Style Bible? How about Instagram? Don’t sweat! For this week’s IG roundup, we’ve put together a list of our editors that share everything from travels to #OOTDs for your viewing pleasure. With each feed telling a different

Our Mobile Site Just Got A Face Lift

Check out our new look!
Noticed something different when checking out the latest style dish on our site from your handy dandy smartphones or tablets? If your answer is yes, that’s because our mobile site just got a new face lift! You heard that right. We’re showing

Ellen Degeneres Takes The Fashion Industry By Surprise

Ellen DeGeneres Takes The Fashion Industry By Surprise
We love Ellen DeGeneres for her crazy antics and awesome sense of humor but do we feel strongly the same about her taste in fashion? Well, we’ll all soon find out as the talk show host joins in on the bandwagon of

Blast From The Past: A Preview Ball Backtrack

Join us as we revisit some of our favorite themes from the Preview Best Dressed Balls of the past.
The annual Preview Best Dressed Ball has always been known for its creative themes that get quirkier and crazier with each passing year. Guests never fail as they come dressed to the nines with their own interpretations of the ball’s theme. From

Fashion Editorial: Something Blue

Here comes the bride, all dressed but not in white.
Taking tips from the old English rhyme, we borrow something blue, black, and white for the girl that’s anything but traditional come the big day. From tailored suits to lace and frills, we send off our girl in a stripped down fashion

Style Bible Exclusive: Celebs In Chanel

We've got the inside scoop on these enviable makeup looks from the Met Gala.
While the net was abuzz last Tuesday with the fashion extravaganza known as the Met Gala, we got to listing down some of our favorite makeup looks of the night. Since we know not everyone has a professional makeup artist at their

Kimye Asks Seth Rogen And James Franco To Perform At Their Wedding

Kimye Asks Seth Rogen and James Franco to Perform at their Wedding
After the comedic pair parodied Kanye's "Bound 2" music video with Kim Kardashian (and again with Kimye's Vogue cover), the rapper asked them to perform the number live at their wedding.James Franco recalls, "I'm pretty sure I can say it now because

We've Got The Feels Over Dove's New Beauty Patch Campaign

As always, get your tissues ready.
“I’ve always, kind of, avoided mirrors lately ‘cause I’ve been a little uncomfortable with things,” laments Brihtney, one of Dove’s newest test subjects. She is offered the RB-X, a beauty patch designed to help boost women’s perception of their own beauty. Through

Ask An Editor: Is There A Safe Way To Tan?

Maybe. But you won't know until you click!
We all enjoy a little sun kissed action here and there, but with tanning posing as your skin’s public enemy number one, it’s hard not to feel guilty when you acquire a little color. Tanning is a process that happens when your

Smell Your Way To Love

The nose knows, doesn't it?
I’ve never heard of trying to find a date based on his scent, but apparently, such a thing exists. Check out London-based matchmaking company, Pheromone Parties. All you have to do is show up with a shirt you’ve slept in for three