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All sexy.
It took one chori burger for me to break up with my commitment to a “perfect” beach bod.It was our first night in Boracay when a fellow Preview girl and I stared blankly at another girl as she was ordering a chori

How To Use Instagram's 5 New #ootd-friendly Filters

Stop whatever you're doing and check it out, now!
There’s no denying it: we live in the age of Instagram and now the genius creators have decided to give us all a special treat this Christmas. If you haven’t upgraded this app yet, do it now! We’re talking about five new

Happy Birthday Kendall Jenner

You are still our favorite of them all.
The Kardashians undoubtedly give a whole new definition to reality television. From their crazy banters, unlimited bickering, entertaining catfights, unusual dilemmas, good taste in fashion, and flair for all things luxurious, it’s no wonder their show has been on air for nine

5 Reasons Why Blake Lively Rocks

She's more than just a blonde bombshell.
The drop-dead-gorgeous Blake Lively turns 27 today, and to celebrate, we list down the reasons why we couldn't get enough of her. Coming from a family of showbiz personalities, the young Blake was tested for her acting chops at a very young

Sheer Shopping For The Silent Hubadera

See through the trend that we can't help but indulge in.
For those who are not completely comfortable with baring in-your-face-flesh, then this might just be the style for you. Light, airy, and is the perfect choice for the “subtle hubadera,” it is crystal clear that the fascination for anything sheer is not

Bridal Special: Your Crucial Guide To The Basic Silhouettes

This is the first step to finding the wedding gown of your dreams.
To continue our month-long bridal special, we introduce to you to six of the most common bridal gown silhouettes any bride-to-be should know about. Before you move into the details like embellishments, slits, and fabric, the first step is always to know

Airline Couture At Its Finest

If all flight attendants looked like these, we would want the jobs for ourselves, too!
Nineteen-hour flights, noisy seatmates, lack of leg room, and semi-edible plane food are all components of a terrible flight experience. Good thing there are flight attendants equipped with helping hands and smiling faces to help make our travels better. But, as always,

Fashion Vocabulary: What Is Normcore?

And is it really the next big thing in fashion?
If Hollywood is breeding a new set of celebrities―the class we’d like to call anti-IT girls like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Shailene Woodley―fashion has normcore. The premise: to look as normal as possible.But that’s the thing, normal is completely subjective. The past few months,

What's The Best Fashion Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You? Our Fave Celebs Answer!

Belle, Heart, Divine, and more dish out the best piece of style advice their Mama has passed on to them.
Have you heard of the line “Mothers know best”? Yeah, we’re pretty sure everyone is familiar with that and oftentimes, it has been proven to be true. In light with the upcoming day to celebrate the best woman in our lives, we

4 Body Parts That Can Go Naked The Whole Year-round

Dare to go bare? We tell which parts of your body are sexy but oh-so-classy.
In this season and READ: extremely humid weather, it’s no doubt you girls are beginning to strip off your clothing. Less layering, thinner materials, and less cloth per item, that is. Although we think showing your cleavage, butt cheeks, side boob, and

5 Fashion Rules That We Love To Break

Like we always say, when it comes to fashion, there aren't really any rules.
Fashion can be demanding, and sometimes it’s just hard to keep up. With so many new trends and styles to try each season, the likelihood for fashion faux pas shoots way up. But no matter how many times we’re told to follow

15 Minutes With Dj Jessica Milner

Step into the world of this female shining in a male dominated industry.
In a world bound by music, musicians―singers, composers, and DJs alike―are the catalysts of the global aural outbreak. Countless music fests, record breaking albums, sold out concerts, and dance parties are all the buzz, and these people are to blame. Providing us

Happy 80th Birthday, Lacoste!

An exclusive and unique experience await fans of the brand.
Eighty years after tennis champion "The Crocodile" René Lacoste founded its namesake brand back in 1933, Lacoste celebrates its birthday with a road show like no other. Your dad’s favorite high style sportswear brand will be sharing with us their archives dating all the way back

How To Spend Your Christmas Money

We give you five options on how to spend your hard-earned Christmas bonus!
It is certainly the most wonderful time of the year! There this warm feeling you get because of all the decorations, the gifts you receive, all the yummy food you feast on with freinds and family, and of course, the Christmas money

Endless Summer Nights

Folded and Hung heats up this season with its Spring/Summer 2013 collection.
Endless summer nights: The story of Folded and Hung’s latest collection is all about those carefree escapades—happy hour, bonfires, and parties by the beach. It’s a lot like the celebration of an adventurous lifestyle with all its vibrancy and energy.Floral prints—summer’s mainstay—reminiscent

Behind The Brand: Embellish

This local retailer brings her fashionable taste to the Markati Palazzo at The Podium.
With the tagline “bringing out the stylist in every Filipina”, Embellish seeks to inspire women to be creative with their fashion sense. It all started in 2011 when Anne Krystle Mariposa decided to start her own business, she dreamed of having her

Chris Diaz For Ensembles

Take a look at what the workwear brand has in store for its 4th designer collaboration.
This holiday season, Ensembles teamed up with Chris Diaz for a decidedly feminine 17-piece collection for the working woman. Focusing on a muted palette with pops of red, purple, chartreuse, and mustard, Chris fused his romantic aesthetic into pieces that easily take

Style Report: Rex Clothing

Aiming to change the perspective on male fashion, Rex Clothing gives us a peek behind their brand.
Aiming to provide the market with trendy and classic styles for men, Rex Clothing started in 2011 as a new player in the fashion industry. With the core objective of reinventing the perception of men’s fashion, owners Dorina and Dan Neria offer