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This Is the Cool Girl-Approved Way to Style Your Office Pants

Tip: You can probably snatch a pair from your beau or brother's closet.
While we've said our indefinite goodbyes to dalgona coffee and other quarantine trends, it looks like the Y2K fad isn't budging anytime soon. Style cues from the aughts seemed to have permeated so deep into every fashion girl's wardrobe, with low-waisted jeans

10 Stylish and Classy Outfits to Wear on a First Date

Make that first impression count!
If there was ever a time to bust out the all stars in your closet, it's for when you're going on a first date. Butterflies might be crowding in your tummy, but here's a tip from us: You'll feel your best when

10 Sultry Tops That Will Spice Up Your Jeans, As Seen on Lovi Poe

She's clearly mastered the art of hubadera dressing!
Lovi Poe is one of those girls who can throw on anything and make it look good. The 32-year-old actress can slip into something as simple as a pair of jeans and instantly turn it into a bombshell-worthy outfit. This is partially

8 Biker Shorts Outfits to Try When You Have "Nothing to Wear"

Hit the upgrade button on this exercise staple!
We're pretty sure even non-workout enthusiasts love donning biker shorts. Ever since Princess Diana rocked them back in the 80s and 90s, they've solidified their place as a cool-girl outfit essential. The body-skimming but comfy pair of shorts is undoubtedly a must-have

10 Cool and Fresh Ways to Wear a Crop Top With High-Waisted Jeans

You can never go wrong with this duo!
Allow us to introduce to you a pair of trusty best friends: a crop top and a pair of high-waisted jeans. The two are undeniably mainstays in any fashion girl's wardrobe, mainly because pairing them together always results in effortlessly cool looks

10 Soft Girl Outfits to Wear If You Want to Try Out the Aesthetic

There's no harm in trying out new looks!
The uber-popular "soft girl" aesthetic can seem pretty nebulous—it's not as singular as cottagecore or punk, and notably merges borrowed elements from adjacent aesthetics. It's a cozy, watered-down cousin to the theatrical e-girl aesthetic, and also shares some shapes and color schemes

Here's How You Should Be Styling Your White Sneakers This 2020

Same sneakers, different outfits!
White sneakers are a seasonless fashion item that anyone and everyone should own in their closet. They're durable, versatile, and most of all, comfortable. You don't need to have a high fashion I.Q. to be able to style a pair because it

5 Fashion Items You Can Totally Still Wear in Your 40s

Your age shouldn’t stop you from dressing up!
I never really gave much thought to aging until it started to make its unmistakable presence felt in my mid-30s. Overnight, the freckles showed up to remind me of all my carefree "what-is-sunblock?" days. My body was holding on to fat more

A Look at Laureen Uy's Imaginary Style Guide

It's a book for wanderlusting trendsetters.
Laureen Uy is quite the chronic traveler. So when we asked her what book she'd like to pen, it was no surprise that she wanted a free-spirited guide to chic when wandering the globe. Here's a peek at Laureen's book we wish

7 Bad Style Habits You Need To Break

Take a look at some of the most common style mistakes people make.
Most of us are guilty of being a walking fashion disaster at one point in our lives. Let’s be real, no one is born with a sense of style. But as we grow older, we ought to learn how to refine our

3 Looks To Try For Your Weekend Affairs

Going on a date? We've got the perfect ensembles for you!
It’s Friday and we’re pretty sure you have an array of activities lined up for the weekend—dates with your cute boy, perhaps? Perfect! We put together a short list of where you can go for a date and even looks that you

Did You Take A Break From The Gym? Here's Why You Should Go Back!

We round up the brightest, the cutest, and the best workout pieces to get you inspired again.
Now that we’re halfway done with the year, it’s time we put the bikini bod season to a close. Let’s admit it, we’re getting way too lax when it comes to our daily gym sessions and sports training. We understand, we really

7 Lightweight Parkas For The Moodiest Of Weathers

Layer up with these parkas to keep you looking chic, rain or shine!
Dressing up in the morning is harder than usual as we have to take into consideration the erratic weather we have been going through lately—do we wear a sweater on this rainy morning or dress up for the scorching hot afternoon that

#fridayfavorite: Track Sole Sandals

These chunky pair of sandals have us swooning!
Since the revival of the Birkenstocks as the new It (ugly) shoe, we have seen a magnitude of other designs that we have grown to love. Not only that, it goes perfectly with the normcore trend. This time around, we zoom in

Bridal Special: Something Blue

Incorporate the something blue in your wedding ensemble for good luck!
The tradition comes from an old English rhyme: Something old, something new; Something borrowed, something blue; And a sixpence in her shoe. Most brides follow such tradition by collecting tokens under each category that act as lucky charms. It can be from

Stylesetter: Kathryn Bernardo

Take sartorial notes from Kathryn's chic casual look!
We caught up with teen queen, Kathryn Bernardo, during her Smart C launch just last week, and we couldn’t help but love her youthful ensemble—she played around with prints and bright colors, which perfectly reflected her bubbly personality. She also finished it

21 Fashion Week-approved Quirky Clutches

Heading to #PHFW this week? We've got eye-catching quirky clutches that can be the topic of any conversation.
Philippine Fashion Week is just about to start and we honestly can’t wait to see the collections from different brands and designers. Apart from that, we’re also excited to see what everyone else will be wearing while we're still planning our own