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Style Bible Dressed Up With Kim Jones-rosales

Mrs. Jericho Rosales shows us how easy it is to get ready for the Star Magic Ball.
Kim Jones hasn't really slept. Twenty four hours prior to Star Magic Ball, she and husby Jericho Rosales were still in Paris, savoring the last few moments of their Euro trip together. "I found out we were going while we were away.

Cool Combo: Blazer And Boudoir Top

Lingerie-inspired tops get today's spotlight.
Whether you’re feeling daring or simply want to try out something new, we insist you take your suiting ensemble to the next level by adding to it a dash of luxury. We’re talking about the sultry twosome of the blazer and a

15 Minutes With Dj Jessica Milner

Step into the world of this female shining in a male dominated industry.
In a world bound by music, musicians―singers, composers, and DJs alike―are the catalysts of the global aural outbreak. Countless music fests, record breaking albums, sold out concerts, and dance parties are all the buzz, and these people are to blame. Providing us