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5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Sweater Like An Influencer

Do you know that most of these outfits are based on runway trends?
The quarantine and lockdowns definitely affected the way we dressed this 2020. Much of the style we see today are leaning towards comfort and functional wear perfect for the indoors, doing a groceries, or driving out to grab your favorite cup of

How to Style High-Waisted Jeans If You're a Curvy Girl

These plus-size models share their best tips!
Finding the right pair of high-waisted jeans isn't exactly easy if you've got some killer curves to flaunt. Let's be real, off-the-rack options for full figured women are quite limited here in the Philippines. Although there are a couple of local brands

5 Things You Should Avoid Buying to Improve Your Personal Style

Are you buying too much basics?
Controlling your shopping habits isn't all about saving money. We also unconsciously buy things that stop our personal style from growing, and we'd obviously be much better off without them.As an example, fashion YouTuber Dearly Bethany shares that avoiding clothes that only clogged her closet

Where To Buy the Exact Dainty Smocked Dress Local Celebrities Love

It's such a flattering frock!
There's no denying that smocked dresses are having a moment. The comfortable silhouette these dresses come in make them so cozy to wear without having to sacrifice style. So it's no wonder that a number of celebrities and influencers have gotten themselves

10 White Button-Down and Jeans Outfit Combos That Always Look Fresh

You can't go wrong with this classy style combo.
Let’s be real, who doesn’t own a white button-down and a pair of jeans? These two closet staples are probably the most used and abused items in your wardrobe—and we don’t wonder why. Classy and unfettered by trends, your favorite crisp white

House of Cards' Claire Underwood Should Be Your Workwear Style Peg

Robin Wright plays the most fashionable female president ever.
Netflix’s game-changing series House of Cards is at its final season with Robin Wright replacing Kevin Spacey as President of the United States in the thrilling political drama. There’s no denying that Robin’s Claire Underwood is intelligent, ruthless, clever, and impeccably stylish.

How to Make T-Shirts Look Cool, According to Jess Connelly

The singer never compromises comfort for style.
"I like being comfortable," says Jess Connelly, whose daily style uniform involves a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt. But Jess always finds a way to make it cool—or better yet, make it "her," be it through her dangerously lit cheeks,

So I Married a Fashionista

"She always knew the appropriate clothes for each occasion."
As the former editor-in-chief of Preview, Pauline Juan has long established her identity as a fashion icon. In her line of work, she is able to predict fashion and through the magazine, she can even dictate fashion. Her love for the industry,

Renee de Guzman Mixes High Street and High Fashion Perfectly

The fashion student and blogger's style is a dream!
Renee de Guzman has got it. She turns current season must-haves into street style star worthy outfits—but not without injecting her own personality into it. Mixing covetable high fashion pieces and the best of high street retail, here's some inspiring style advice from

How Fashion Can Make You Famous

Musings on the OOTD-obsessed style generation.
“I’ve created a monster,” so goes Dr. Frankenstein’s immortal lines, after a bolt of lighting turned a pieced-together cadaver into a living, breathing being. I, too, have been known to say this—in jest, of course—whenever there is a line of people waiting

Here's How Arci Muñoz Does "Girly Grunge"

We love the actress' off-beat approach to fashion.
Arci Muñoz is proof that a metalhead doesn't need to have a certain "lewk." The actress and singer's sense of style has blossomed into this grungy yet feminine play on denim, leather, svelte dresses, and band tees. In a snippet of her

6 Different Ways to Wear Your Metallic Skirt

Here's a cheat sheet.
If you're planning to save and not splurge on buying new clothes this 2016, then you're in luck because this month's Fashion Workshop has the perfect guide to repeating your gilded skirt in stylish new ways. View the chart below and don't

3 Looks That Are Perfect for Your Date Night

Style your favorite casuals for a hot date!
Although you can't go wrong with a classic LBD on date, there are other ways to impress your man without intimidating him with your regular fashion girl garb. Here are a few head-to-toe looks from some of our favorite stores that you can

If Fashion Is a Language, How Fluent Are You?

Let Preview's editor-in-chief Pauline Juan expand your fashion vocabulary.
In this month's Fashion Sense, Preview editor-in-chief Pauline Juan explores the psyche behind the question, "How can I be fashionable?" and writes one hell of a #hugot:"This column is the offshoot of an interview I did with CNN Philippines. Tim Yap and I were

Style Bible Dressed Up With Kim Jones-rosales

Mrs. Jericho Rosales shows us how easy it is to get ready for the Star Magic Ball.
Kim Jones hasn't really slept. Twenty four hours prior to Star Magic Ball, she and husby Jericho Rosales were still in Paris, savoring the last few moments of their Euro trip together. "I found out we were going while we were away.

6 Things We Learned From Taylor Swift

Here are a couple of style tips we picked up from Taylor.
Aside from her very relatable songs, we’ve somehow managed to pick up more than just lyrics from watching Taylor Swift’s music videos. From band geek chic outfits to Coven-approved acubra hats, her outfits in these videos have also served as outfit pegs

Chic Or Confused: The Cfda 2014 Style Meter

See who dazzled and fizzled at the CFDA 2014 Awards night.
If the MET Gala were like prom, then the CFDA Awards would be like a graduation ball—its purpose is to give recognition to those who have done exceptionally throughout the year. Designers, editors, models, and muses come together, celebrating the best and

4 Outfits Inspired By Taylor Swift's Greatest Hits

We put the spotlight on one of our favorite blondies for style inspiration.
Our go-to playlist when the tough gets going, love-wise, is of course, Taylor Swift. She has a way of turning her feelings into songs that we can’t help but sing-along to. And since she will we performing in Manila this Friday, we