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How This Makeup Artist Turned into a Renowned Brow Expert and Entrepreneur

It all started with a failed microblading session.
When we hear the words “microblading” or “microbladed brows,” Strokes Eye Beauty Studio is one of the first that comes to mind. ICYDK, they're responsible for the defined brows of celebrities like Nadine Lustre, Sofia Andres, and Bela Padilla, just to name

I Tried Purple Blush and It Looks So Flattering on My Filipina Skin

Here's why you should try it, too!
Last year, #BeautyTok went crazy over purple blush. The seemingly unconventional color got everyone’s attention by rivaling our go-to red and pink shades, claiming to be just as flattering. And while the hype may have died down, we’re here to bring it

Why Happy Skin's Co-Founder Doesn't Mind the Surge in Local Beauty Brands

"The more women there are who are interested in beauty, that can only be good for the industry," Rissa tells Preview.
It's no secret the beauty industry was hit hard by the pandemic. And yet, we've witnessed the steady rise of new local beauty businesses and brands within the past year, many of which were greeted with an overwhelmingly positive response.Brands like the pro-loved Strokes

10 Cruelty-Free Local Beauty Brands and What to Shop from Them

Been thinking of going cruelty-free?
In April, The Humane Society of United States uploaded a docu-style short film titled Save Ralph. The video quickly wen viral, as it brought attention to the horrors of animal testing using the character Ralph, a bunny who has sustained multiple injuries in