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This Technique Will Change the Way You Apply Your Highlighter

It's a simple hack that will level up your highlighting game!
Do you sometimes notice that your highlighter looks unnatural no matter how much you blend it, follow the steps you find on YouTube tutorials, and even buy all the vlogger-approved highlighter products? You apply it on your face, expecting to look like

This Is the Makeup Trick to Achieve Maris Racal's Glowing Selfie

Yup, she wore more than one highlighter to achieve this glow!
You know we love a good highlighter, so it's no surprise that we're obsessed with this beaming look of Maris Racal. See how the light just bounces off her cheeks?Naturally, we had to find out how she achieved this look. We asked her

How to Make Sure Your Highlighter Shows Up in Photos

So you can get your glow on.
In the realm of strobing, that killer cheekbone shimmer is key. It gives your face that razor sharp definition, plus elevates your skin from subtle shimmer to sparkling shine. For today's makeup tip, let LA-based makeup artist Patrick Ta school you on

The Best Way to Highlight, According to Your Face Shape

For that glowing, defined look!
The true essence of highlighting involves no fancy shimmer. In its purest form, the technique aims to lift our features from the center to create a more three-dimensional effect. And since our faces come in different shapes, achieving that look varies according

3 Ways to Wear Highlighter If You Have Oily Skin

No grease, all glow!
The prospect of adding even more shimmer to already slick-prone skin can be daunting, but worry not, because even those with oily tendencies can cop that coveted luminescent look. Below, three tips and tricks for getting—and keeping—your glow on.1. Instead of using

15 Beauty Slang Words Every Beauty Junkie Must Know

Here's what you need to know.
Next to diamonds, makeup is every girl’s best friend. But the world of makeup can be a daunting place to explore. There are tons of different products for every nook and corner of your face, that and a number of beauty techniques

WATCH: How To Get the ‘Glow’

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Fresh, glowing skin is always in style and no one does it better than Bobbi Brown. Because really, when your skin looks good, who needs all that makeup? Here, Bobbi Brown’s Tamara Pineda demonstrates how you can recreate that flawless complexion the

This Product Will Solve Your Oily Face Strobing Woes

It’s all about the sheen and not the shine.
Ladies, listen up. There is a major difference between sheen and shine. Often times people confuse one for the other—usually when using a highlighter—ending up with a too-shiny face, one that looks like it can provide enough oil to deep fry some

How to Highlight Your Face Without Looking Oily

It's all about where you put your product.
Ever since strobing was declared as the makeup trend of the century, we’ve been obsessing over how to ace it properly. Because while it’s much more forgiving than contouring, having too much fun with highlighting can leave one looking like a Cullen or a

The Hottest Makeup Trends to Sport This Season

You either go big or go home.
We’re caught in a tug-of-war between the polar ends of our makeup palettes. From New York to Paris, spring has been about going heavy on the color with bright cherry lips, electric blue eyes, and doll-like lashes banging out the door. But

How to Actually Use MAC’s Strobe Cream

It's light in a bottle!
It’s no secret that if your goal is to have that dewy, moisturized glow, you reach for a bottle of MAC Cosmetics’ strobe cream. What is “strobe cream,” you ask? For starters, it’s basically light in a bottle. Aside from being a

Why Do Girls Wear Makeup to the Grocery?

It’s 10am on a Saturday. You roll up to the dairy section to grab a carton of milk when this lady passes by in her boyfriend tee, leggings and Havaianas. The outfit is forgivable; she’s just running a few morning errands. But

'Strobing' Is Replacing Contouring

Sorry, Kim Kardashian.
(Gigi Hadid sporting a luminous glow at Maybelline New York’s 100 (George Pimentel | WireImage)You might want to reconsider slapping on those layers of foundation, because from the looks of it, the days of contouring are numbered.During MAC Cosmetics’ Autumn/Winter 2015 Trends Presentation