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The Boys of Perea Street Are Changing Manila's Streetstyle Game

They're introducing a cool, lighthearted take on streetwear.
Cool, stylish, and unapologetically themselves, the boys of Perea Street are serving their own fresh, fun take on streetwear fashion. Julo de Guzman, Judd Figuerres, and Edsel Uy are the newest voices on the block and they've taken to the ease and

How to Incorporate Street Wear Pieces to Your Everyday Wardrobe

Street wear doesn't necessarily mean casual.
When someone says street wear, some immediately think casual—sweatpants, hoodies, sneakers and the like. But what if you’d like to flex your personal style and hop on the street wear trend even though your personal style isn’t exactly  “casual,” laid-back or even

How to Style Street Wear for the Office

Yes, it's possible!
The street style trend has proven to be one of the biggest fads in fashion recently. Pulling inspiration from the grunge years of the '90s and the hiphop nostalgia from the early naughts, we see bits and pieces of these in tailored,

This Instagram Blogger Proves Petite Girls Can Rock Streetwear, Too

She pulls off oversized sweaters like no one's business.
Streetwear can pretty much be fashion's newest Seventh Wonder. Even the most classy dressers have began dabbling into the hype, thanks to brands like Supreme and Nasir Mazhar. The promise of looking cool is too irresistible.Take 20-year-old Feifei for example. From her

3 Best Streetwear Brands From NYFW Spring 2017

High fashion is earning some street cred.
Street style is getting more serious attention as it ascends into fashion week runway shows. For New York Fashion Week, here are three new brands who debuted their collections, following the stride of high fashion street wear brands like Vetements. Check them

Can Streetwear Be Considered High Fashion?

From the streets to the luxury houses.
Streetwear is everywhere. And at the moment, it’s no longer just popular in the alleys; it can also be found on the runway shows of big fashion houses. When a crossover of street and high fashion is mentioned, one would immediately think

This Androgynous Model Makes the Case for Gender Fluidity

Meet Jullian Culas.
Our society's standards, by default, recognizes boundaries in fashion that separates males from females. Naturally, girls are expected to be feminine and guys need to be masculine. The times, however, have changed. And all thanks to androgyny (derived from the Greek word

Gian Romano Redefines Urban Glamor

Check out his latest collection that's a far cry from your usual street style.
Gian Romano has never lacked individuality and eccentricity when it comes to expressing himself as a designer. This scholar from Central St. Martin’s has developed his aesthetics throughout the years but managed to stay true to his own stamp of identity—deconstructed glamor.For

Borrowed From The Boys: Skating Gear

The Rail finally opens with all the skating gear you will ever need!
In the recent years, we’ve constantly raided the boys closet for some fashion staples, and it continues until this day. The Rail is a new retail store that houses numerous brands all dedicated to the skating (board!) lifestyle like Illest, Vans, Crooks

Lanie Alabanza-barcena

The woman behind U.S. street wear brand, Hellz Bellz, is in fact a full Filipina.
Trilogy just reopened last week and we were given the privilege to meet with the brains behind one of the biggest women’s street wear brand in the U.S.: Hellz Bellz. Would you believe she’s actually full Filipina? Born in New Orleans and

Trilogy Boutique Opens In Glorietta 3

Trilogy Boutique opens their third branch with a bang!
The store that houses the best of street wear has reinvented itself and has four branches to date—the most recent is in Glorietta 3, finally back in the city where they started!Last Thursday, Trilogy Boutique officially opened with a bang—good music, good company, and

38 Caps To Covet

We round up the dopest caps from different street wear brands!
Snap backs and trucker caps used to be just an accessory for guys, but now girls have learned to incorporate these street wear staples into their everyday casual look. May it be dressing down a sleek dress or edging up a laid-back

Preview Ball

We begin the countdown to the much-awaited Preview Ball 2013.
#PreviewBall2013 is still a few days away but we can’t hide our excitement any longer. While we wait to see and of course share everyone’s outfits, we decided to put together looks inspired by this year’s theme: Dancing Shoes. We’ll be coming

Staff Challenge: Street Style

Our editors sport the hot streetwear trend inspired by our June cover.
"I’m all for comfort and wearability, and my favorite gray dress from Collezione has that in spades. Since I use this dress a lot, I decided to change the way I style it by pairing it with my trusty sneaker wedges to

Platform 360

Platform 360 Showcase: A super cool party via a pop-up.
Pop-up stores are a trickling trend these days, and last April 20 we were given a dose of secret-shopping through Platform 360 Showcase. Held at the Museum (M) Cafe, Platform 360 Showcase selected a few start-up and premium local brands like Proudrace, OS Accessories, and LoudBasstard to showcase their goodies

Top 5 Street Wear Designers

Fuel up your sartorial street cred with Manila’s top purveyors of urban wear.
Individualistic and purely personality-driven, street wear is the ultimate expression of the city dweller’s subversive sartorial sensibility. It accepts no rigid definitions, no fixed templates, and offers no apologies for its blatant uniqueness and expressive urgency. It’s all about dressing up however