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7 IG-Worthy Strawberry Desserts That Are Perfect for Summer

These taste as great as they look!
Summer spells a lot of things, like R&R-ing at the beach and the (occasionally) overbearing heat included, but it’s also practically synonymous with all things strawberry! The fruit in itself is always a treat with its tart, juicy character—but turn it into

Love Strawberries? Then You Need to Try These Pillowy Doughnuts

There's no scrimping on the strawberries.
There's no shortage of must-try eats in California—but if it's doughnuts you're looking for, it doesn't get any more drool-worthy than the fresh strawberry doughnuts by The Donut Man in L.A. It takes classic strawberry-jelly doughnuts into overdrive, with glazed doughnuts that

Korean Strawberry Milk Meets Yogurt in This Delicious Creamy Drink

They also have other flavors like Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach Mango, and more!
It's hard to keep up with all the fleeting food trends popping up this 2020 as far as pastries and party trays. For drinks, however, the prevailing picks have mostly been Korean-inspired flavored milks as well as yogurt-based beverages like Yakult or yogurt

Here's Where You Can Find Fresh Strawberry Milk in Manila

Get your hands on this creamy yet oh-so-refreshing beverage.
Fresh strawberry milk is a popular drink in Seoul, where you'll find bottles of the drink lined up at its many boutique cafés. The drink is typically made with a few ingredients—fresh strawberries, sweetener, and fresh milk—thus giving it a pure, unadulterated

Here's Where You Can Get Delicious Home-Baked Strawberry Cakes

These are sure to impress at your next big celebration at home.
For birthdays and other big celebrations, classic cakes like chocolate, caramel, or sans rival are usually the go-to, but if you really want to make your next festivity extra special, you might want to try ordering a strawberry cake. They come in

Baguio's Most Famous Strawberry Cake Is Now Available in Manila

If you've never heard of Vizco's, you're in for a treat.
Baguio is a famed summer destination for many reasons—there’s the cool highland climate, the horseback rides, and the renowned Bencab Museum. But no trip to Baguio is complete without taking a trip to restaurant and cake shop Vizco’s for a taste of

The Strawberry Desserts Worth Getting Delivered Right Now

Cakes, ice cream, and other strawberry-flavored treats you can get delivered.
Strawberry season may be coming to a close, but desserts featuring this fruit is always a welcome treat anytime of the year. It’s no wonder, really; the berries’ tangy, fruity profile go with just about any form of dessert, whether it's cakes,

You Can Now Get Strawberry Soju at This Local Convenience Store

Plus, they have a promo you do not want to miss.
For quite some time now, we have always relied on convenience stores for our soju needs. In most convenience stores, you can find different bottles of soju in different flavors, like the classic, blueberry, peach, grapefruit, or green grape-flavored soju. Strawberry soju was

3 Instagrammable Pink Drinks That Your Sweet Tooth Will Love

From milkshakes to daquiris!
Rose quartz has already invaded our closets and makeup kits enough, so maybe we should make room for it somewhere else—our bellies. Below are three pretty drinks that will tickle your sweet tooth's fancy and give your Instagram feed the pop of

Fight Aging With This Juicing Recipe

Packed with potent anti-oxidants, this juice may just be the fountain of youth.
Nobody wants to be old and wrinkled. That’s probably at the forefront of everyone’s minds as each birthday passes. But with each birthday comes heaps of wisdom, too. Like how you can fight aging from the inside out and get optimum results.To