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What Is a Keratin Treatment and How Does It Straighten Your Hair?

Say goodbye to your frizzy locks.
If you have been experiencing unmanageable and frizzy hair, then a keratin treatment is one you should highly consider. This treatment is one of the most popular services in many salons' list because the results are immediate, and it can last for

10 Flattering Haircut Ideas That Are Perfect for Straight Hair

Here's some fresh hair inspo for you!
Finding the right haircut isn't always a walk in the park. We've all experienced anxiously sitting in our hairdresser's chair, waiting to see if our chosen hairspo looks good on us. To be spared from the dread of a style change, it's

These Affordable Hair Masks Made Me Skip My Keratin Treatment

We tried it for a week and we loved the results!
Keratin is a common ingredient you'll find in hair products, which won't be surprising if you know that it's an essential protein that helps make your locks smoother and healthier. Cream Silk's Triple Keratin Rescue conditioners, for one, might be the newest

15 Best Conditioners for Achieving Smooth, Healthy Hair

Because your locks need more than just shampoo!
Wrapping up your in-shower hair routine with conditioner makes all the difference. Not only do your tresses feel softer, it actually acts as a seal that locks in the benefits of your shampoo and creates an invisible shield against damage and frizz. That's

This 3-Step Routine Can Help You Achieve Healthy, Shiny Hair

Achieve the "glass hair" look at home!
The sleek and shiny finish of the "glass hair" trend isn't only visually pleasing. It also basically encapsulates every Filipina's hair goal given our country's humidity problems. The style makes hair look extremely healthy, too—free of frizz, split ends, and all signs

4 Effortless Mid-Parted Hairstyles You Can Do in Under 5 Minutes

Running late? Whip up these simple 'dos.
With so little time to spare for everyday hairstyling, drop the curling iron and go for something simple instead. One of the quickest ways to look edgy is with a simple middle part—here are four looks that are fast and chic:The moment

Here's a Simple Routine for Achieving Straight and Shiny Hair

Cop the glass hair trend you’ve been seeing on celebrities everywhere.
So this interesting "trend" coined as "glass hair" has emerged, and guess what? I absolutely think Filipinas are here for it…if we aren't already. Thing is, we've been obsessed with ultra-straight, ultra-glossy locks since even before Maria Clara's era, so girls, it’s

How to Dry and Blow-Dry Your Hair Like a Pro

As if you just stepped out of the salon.
Ever seen Clueless and sighed at how perfect Cher Horowitz's hair flip is? Like many of her real-life counterparts, she probably troops to the salon at a special, before-hours appointment to make it on time for school or shopping armed with a

How to Curl Your Own Hair Like a Professional

Choose your weapons wisely.
Your mission, if you choose to accept it (because not all girls will!), is to tame your tresses as well as a seasoned stylist, such that no one will be able to tell you did it to yourself. We present you an

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Your Hair

Straighten those tresses like a pro!
The 1970s was when women sported mid-parted, stick-straight locks that fell way past the waist, which one could only get by trusting a friend enough not to toast one's locks as she quite literally ironed it in much the same way we

This Seems to Be the Hair Trend Celebs Are Loving Right Now

It suits everyone!
"Glass hair" may be the haircut everyone's talking about right now, but have you noticed there's another, more low-key 'do that celebs seem to favor, too? Whenever we scroll through our IG feeds, we see so many famous faces donning wavy or

6 Flat Ironing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Hair

Are you even cleaning it?
When taken care of and used properly, your hair iron/straightener can last for years. The best way to get the most out of the versatile hot tool without damaging your tresses? Avoid committing these common no-nos!You're not supposed to hear a sizzling

LOTD: How to Achieve Sharon Cuneta's Silky Smooth Hair from Her McDo Ad

Her hairstylist breaks down the essentials to copping her look!
Who else isn't over Sharon Cuneta's smooth locks from that McDonald's commercial? We know we aren't. So to feed our curiosity, we asked for beauty tips straight from the source—below, the Megastar's go-to hairstylist, Jeff Aromin, shares with Preview how to achieve (literally) commercial-worthy hair:According

Here's How Sharon Cuneta Got Ready for That McDonald's Ad

She looked #flawless.
Forgive us for our honesty, but you have to admit—no loveteam matters more on this faithful Friday than the blissful comeback of  Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. Starring in McDonald's Philippines' Valentine's Day ad, the '80s OG loveteam served us a huge helping

Care for Your Straight Hair like Denise Laurel, Angelica Panganiban and More

Let these stars serve as your hairspiration this week!
Below, see the lovely ladies who made it to our Midweek Celebrity Selfie.1. Unleash your inner top model with salon gorgeous hair like Georgina Wilson’s. Offset the damaging effects of constant ironing and blow-drying via a regular treatment that pampers your tresses.2.