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We Found This Genius Hack to Getting Korean-Style Straight Brows

Using a toothpick! No kidding!
If you're obsessed with K-pop celebrities, chances are, you've noticed that they love straight brows. This eyebrow style draws attention to the center of the face, which helps create the illusion of a smaller visage. It can also make you look more youthful!However, it

The Best Eyebrow Product Combos to Achieve Your Best Brows Ever

Check out our recommended products, depending on your dream brows!
You can draw your eyebrows with any product in your kit, but when you have a specific look in mind—be it a certain shape or texture—some will inevitably work better than others. (Not sure what kind of brow suits you? Click here for

Super Straight Brows Are No Longer Trendy in Korea

To arch or not to arch?
A list of popular K-beauty trends won't be complete without a mention of straight brows. Everyone from Korean actors to pop stars, male or female, have the same arch-less shape for that soft, youthful look. However, the famous brow shape might not

How to Get the Perfect Brows Without Tweezing

See which brow shape fits you the most!
I am obsessed with perfecting my brows. While I'm confident to go out of the house without makeup, my face feels bare if I don't do something about my eyebrows. I make it a habit to fill them in or visit a

How to Get Korean Straight Eyebrows Without Plucking

The K-beauty trend you'll want to cop!
Truth is, the very prospect of plucking our eyebrows into an unnatural shape scares us silly. Sure, they'll grow back, but if the job gets botched we'll have to wait a good few weeks to restore our arches to their original glory.

3 Eyebrow Salons That Can Give You the Brows of Your Dreams

Want straight, arched, or clean arches?
You should be as picky with your eyebrow groomers as you are with your hairdressers. An eyebrow threading disaster will be extremely hard to hide, so you have to be extra critical when choosing the hands that touch your arches. And while

5 Korean Beauty Trends We’re Currently Obsessed With

You can wear these every day!
It’s not just K-pop and K-drama dominating the world. South Korea’s brand of beauty leaves us rethinking how we do our own makeup routine. And that said, we’re thankful for these five makeup techniques we learned from them:1. Dewy SkinKoreans are known