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The Real Deal On Stem Cell Skincare

Nyssa Feredo of Neo Day Spa sheds a light on the latest anti-aging skincare technology.
Today's buzz word for anti-aging is "stem cell." With the overwhelming products available in the beauty counters claiming this technology, to shed a light on this novel age-defying technology, we ask Nyssa Feredo of Neo Day Spa to explain the real deal on

Flawless: Cell Booster Infusion Mask

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente tries out their stem cell-based facial.
After introducing an affordable stem cell-based product line,  Flawless, one of the country's leading face and body clinics, offers their most advanced facial treatment yet, the Cell Booster Infusion Mask. The hydrogel mask has a concentrated cocktail of cell-activating nutrients that enhances skin