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This Is the Statement Sleeve Stylish Celebs Are Loving Right Now

Ever heard of the mutton-leg?
Meat-lover? Meet the gigot sleeve...which is also aptly called the "leg-of-mutton" for its obvious resemblace to a sheep's hind stem. It'd be a falsehood to state that that ultra-popular, certified Instagram-famous Rotate minidress started it all—though we do give it credit for

This Is The Exact Statement-Sleeved Dress These Stylish Girls Love

It comes in every color of the rainbow.
Every day is arm day if we're talking statement sleeves. And the Manila style set's current favorite iteration? The gigot (or leg-of-mutton, as you please)! Their taste's highly specific, though: They've completely fallen for Copenhagen-based label Rotate's signature minidress. Truth is, this

LOTD: Here’s What You Need to Survive the Summer Heat in Style

Add some drama to your summer outfit!
As the temperature rises, it’s only practical to gravitate towards wearing less fabric. But if you're not too keen on sleeveless tops, don’t worry— looking effortlessly stylish is not an impossible feat! Let statement sleeves become your new summer wardrobe staple.Here’s Seek

LOTD: Kim Jones Has a Chic New Way to Wear Her Timepiece

Enter another way to play the sleeve game!
A dilemma: you love your fave heirloom watch but you also adore enormous, billowing sleeves. Kim Jones is out here declaring that you don't have to pick one or the other—it's all about playing the layering game!Now that's a novel way to

LOTD: Mari Jasmine’s Black and Blue Pairing

It’s a foolproof palette for your ensemble.
Most women don’t quite realize the subtle sophistication that navy brings when paired with black. Maybe it’s the adherence to old fashion styles that prevent them from doing so, but as Mari Jasmine points out in today’s LOTD, it could be your

These Statement Sleeves Will Amp Up Your OOTD

From puffy to flared to extra long sleeves!
From the décolletage-baring tops transitioning to the cold shoulder, it seems like the fashion world isn’t done yet when it comes to playing with sleeves. This spring, runways show the birth of statement sleeves. From puffy to flared to exaggerated ones, we