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These New Starbucks Drinks Will Bring You Back to the Flavors of Summer

The rainy season won't stop us from enjoying these drinks!
The rainy season has started, and we’ve been experiencing more of the cold weather and some rainy evenings and afternoons—but no matter how chilly it gets—nothing can stop you from getting your favorite ice-cold drinks at Starbucks for your daily caffeine fix.Summer may indeed be over but

Here's Your First Look at the Starbucks 2022 Planners and Organizers

Not into journaling? You can also get a tumbler or mug instead!
As Christmas fast approaches, Starbucks enthusiasts are looking at yet another yuletide season filled with coffee and stickers to complete their days—or 18 of it, at least. You guessed it! In keeping with tradition, the ubiquitous brand officially launched this year’s 2022 planners

Starbucks' New Tumblers Are Decked Out in Aesthetic Shades of Pink and Teal

The collection includes water bottles, mugs, canisters, and more.
Get excited, Starbucks collectors because the world-famous coffee chain has a gorgeous new line of water bottles and reusable cups that would look oh-so cute next to your ever-growing stockpile of tumblers. Say hello to the Coffee Heritage Collection!Starbucks' brand-new collection, which

Starbucks' New Collection Is Making Us Miss the Great Outdoors

We love its refreshing earthy colors!
Bored at home and can’t wait to finally step outside and enjoy the great outdoors? Frankly, given the global health crisis, it might take a while before we can schedule another adventure. But luckily, Starbucks Philippines released a new collection that might just remind