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The Girlboss Trailer Is Finally Here, and We Are Totally Psyched!

Our excitement is killing us already.
Someone order pizza because we just found our newest Netflix obsession! The TV adaptation of Sophia Amoruso's best-selling autobiography #Girlboss is set to hit the screens globally on April 21, and now that the official trailer is finally here, we can barely contain

Stylish Books to Binge Read During the Holiday Break

'Tis the season for fashion.
Whether you’re a closet voyeur or an Insta freak, read up and indulge in your guilty pleasure with these stylish enablers. Because the holiday break is long, cozy, and a whole lot of chill.IMAGE National BookstoreCAPTURE YOUR STYLE by Aimee Song, National

Is Nasty Gal Really About to Go Bankrupt?

Sophia Amoruso is also rumored to resign from the company she built.
A retail brand loved by many, including celebs like Selena Gomez and Lena Dunham, Nasty Gal is a cult store favorite where cool girls shop online. Sophia Amoruso founded the LA-based company a decade ago and has even earned herself the title


These girls prefer to be on top.
Actress Jessica Alba on the cover of Forbes' America's Richest Self-Made Women issue (June 2015)We’re so over damsels in distress and princesses who need rescuing. This time around, we’re turning the spotlight on the lady bosses who can survive without a knight

Check Out The New Nasty Gal Lipsticks For Mac

A Q&A with Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso about her sassy new makeup line.
Joining the ranks of fashion labels that are diving into the world of beauty, Nasty Gal teams up with MAC to create a collection of high-intensity shades fit for a #GirlBoss. Founder Sophia Amoruso spills the beans on how the collab came

Sophia Amoruso Is No Longer The Big #girlboss At Nasty Gal

Sophia Amoruso is no longer the Big #GirlBoss at Nasty Gal
Despite the title of her memoir, #GirlBoss, Sophia Amoruso is sadly no longer the Head-Beezy-in-Charge at Nasty Gal.  After serving the company as its CEO for eight years, Sophia announced yesterday on the Nasty Gal blog that she is ready to pass

The 8 Truths Of Becoming A #girlboss

Nasty Gal founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso shows us how to run the world.
Long gone are the days of the Stepford wives where women are expected to stay home and leave the (non-domestic) dirty work to the men. Today, strong, empowered ladies rule their chosen fields of work clad in killer stilettos as they march