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SOMA Stores is Closing for Good

Shop with them one last time!
For over a year now, Green Sun has been home, not only to the Manila Fashion Festival, but also to the SOMA Stores. An area on the ground floor of the building served as a platform dedicated to young, local, creative designers

See the New Brands Coming to Soma Stores!

Check out this one-stop destination for local designer goods.
Some folks like to rove the malls to find the perfect outfit. All the more now since the string of holiday parties is fast approaching. (Don’t even try to deny you’re not mentally preparing your many Christmas outfits.) But today, we’re giving

Snaps from the Secret Photo Booth at the Preview Gala

Bet you didn't know we had one!
We all had a blast last Friday night as we celebrated Preview’s 20th birthday and naturally, photos wound up online. With walls flashing two decades worth of editorials, a montage of covers, and a grammable exhibit at the guests’ disposal, there was

Start-up Profiles: Kirv

What's it like to be working with your "bae?"
Sure as you may be about starting your own business, it definitely helps to have a strong support system. While some prefer to keep the company within the family, others turn to significant halves to help them get the work going. Here Style

Five Local Brands To Check Out Now

Here are five reasons why you ought to check out the SOMA stores at Green Sun, stat!
Tired of roaming around the same old malls? Even more tired of the same brands you see in almost all of them? Well, there’s a new shopping destination you ought to pay a visit to and it’s gotten things you wouldn’t find