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Yes, You Can Have A Career In Fashion!

You can have that fantasy job after graduation. Be it designing, styling, or writing, the options are endless.
How many of you wanted to pursue careers in the creative industry but were too skeptic to choose it as a college major? A lot of people, parents included, are always second guessing art courses. Most think that it’s just more of

Work Wear Diaries : School Of Fashion And The Arts

The ladies of SoFA let Style Bible view their daily wardrobe.
Seeing students and teachers huddled together—feebly clutching on scissors and pattern papers, dressing up mannequins and non-stop powwow on the latest in fashion—is quite a common scene at the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA), the country’s first specialized fashion college.

Sofa Speaks & Sofa's New School Of Interior Design

A packed house gathered excellent advice from acclaimed artists.
Five great minds from various art industries gathered last September 21, 2010 for a lecture series held by the SoFA Design Institute (formerly just School of Fashion and the Arts or SoFA) called SoFA Speaks: From Idea to Icon: How to succeed