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When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Here's how you can maximize engagement on your feed.
Any Instagrammer would know that building a strong social media presence begins with creating compelling content that the intended audience cannot get enough of. But even if your content is first-rate, if it isn’t posted on time, people won’t see it and

Sarah Lahbati Is Proof That The Modern Woman Is Beyond Stereotype

In the age of oversharing, this social media-savvy star strikes the perfect balance between her analog life and digital pursuits.
Scrolling through Sarah Lahbati’s masterfully curated social media feed is giving us strong mermaid energy. There are rows of vibrant images featuring local and international landscapes, OOTDs that deserve to be on an editorial spread, picture-perfect family photos, and wildlife shots. Sarah has

Meet the 5 Top Influencers Who've Made a Fortune on Social Media

Meet the people who have made money from social media.
These days, you'll find that more and more people are monetizing their social footprint. Digital influencers aren't just about #feedgoals, they're actually becoming career goals, too. If you've ever wondered just how influential your favorite social stars are, you might want to

Beyonce's Social Media Is Valued at More Than $1 Million Per Post

...and she's the very first online influencer to achieve these stats.
All hail Queen Bey. It's official: Beyoncé has become the world's highest-valued online influencer, with her social media posts commanding more than US$1 million...each. IMAGE INSTAGRAM/beyonceWhile we're definitely not surprised that she's actually the very first human being on earth to hit these stratospheric