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What Makes a Good Instagram Caption?

Here's the key to getting higher engagement.
As a social media platform, Instagram is incredibly visual so it is quite normal for Instagrammers to give serious attention to the process of creating stellar photos and videos, editing them to perfection to boost the number of follows and likes. This

When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Here's how you can maximize engagement on your feed.
Any Instagrammer would know that building a strong social media presence begins with creating compelling content that the intended audience cannot get enough of. But even if your content is first-rate, if it isn’t posted on time, people won’t see it and

You Can Now Track How Much Time You're Spending on Social Media

Want to know how many hours you've spent stalking on Instagram today?
It's going to be a lot harder denying how dependent we are on social media. Facebook and Instagram have recently rolled out a new feature that lets its users see how much time they've been using each app via mobile.The new tool,

How Social Media Affects the Way We Shop

One affects the other.
Since the invention of the internet, we have embraced it for every purpose it's served us: convenience, variety, and accessibility. Suddenly, everything and anything is within our reach with just a tap of a button. And with everything at our disposal, our

How to Tell If You're a Real Digital Influencer

Here are ways to measure your online presence.
Let’s admit it: Some of us get a little on the obsessive side when it comes to the number of hearts we get on our Instagram posts. But to what end? Interestingly, because of how social media have been consumed exponentially, online