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7 Chunky Designer Sneakers That Are Worth a Splurge

Get a load of these fun kicks.
Hit the pavement with a decisive thwack, courtesy of the still-relevant chunky sneakers trend, a '90s relic that's returned along with the likes of smocked tube tops, peeptoe mule sandals, cargo pants, and Princess Diana's off-duty bike shorts. In case you adore the

These Were the Top 5 Sneaker Trends of 2019

Amid upheavals in politics and pop culture, 2019 remained a strong year for cool kicks.
Well, here we are at the close of another year and on the verge of an exciting new decade. Perhaps even more than previous years, we’ve spent the past 365 days reeling and writhing from all the upheavals that the Internet and

These Are The Top 5 Sneaker Trends You Should Know Right Now

Whether for work or weekends, formal setup or plain gym time, sneakers have grown into the everyday man's footwear of choice.
In any other decade, men would have been given the side-eye for walking into a serious establishment wearing a pair of kicks that look more appropriate in the gym than a posh bar. But times have changed and sneakers have been elevated in

This Is How You Should Be Styling the Chunky Dad Sneaker

Pegs galore.
The past years have seen sneakers either sleek as they come or extra, well, extra. Minimalism's rise rendered kicks white and pristine, and then when Dior sent dazzling jeweled versions down its Spring 2014 haute couture runway, tastes shifted over to the

We Can’t Wait to Get a Pair of These On-Trend Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Ugly-pretty shoes are totally en vogue.
If you need any more convincing that chunky shoes are back, here's Louis Vuitton to cement the trendy revival of the '90s shoe. Refined heels and flats fade in comparison with Nicolas Ghesquière putting the spotlight on thick-soled and bulky pairs on the runway. His

5 Sneaker Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2018

See what's hot in the sneaker world.
As athleisure retains its trendy status, it's a must to invest in footwear that will keep up with your sporty aesthetic. And while plain sneaks are always a good investment, you should also know the new kicks that will soon dominate the