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10 Cool Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Snake Print

Slither in style.
The drawn-out "s" in ssssstyle currently stands for snakeskin. Whether your pick is cobra, anaconda, or viper, these 10 chic celeb OOTDs will have you slithering into the trend quicker than you can say "hiss!"1. Start simple a la Heart Evangelista! A

6 People That Hendrix The Snake Partied With At The #previewball

Yes, you read that right, there was a living and breathing reptile at the ball!
Okay, so we’re still pretty hung-up on Friday night’s bash. Though we’ve up-ed our galleries and given you the OTTNs, there's still more to the party that needs dishing, and we mean a whole lot more! First order of business is Hendrix