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Are Your Bad Habits Ruining Your Skin?

Here's the lowdown on drinking, smoking, sunbathing, and eating junk food.
At the prime of our youth, we've done everything we thought was fun. From partying all night, all week, lighting a cigarette or two, eating everything in sight, and even basking under the sun all summer long. But have you ever thought

How Your Vice Ruins Your Skin

The things you need to know before you “indulge.”
Old habits die hard. Yes, we know. Breaking up with the things we’ve grown accustomed to and “can’t live without” is never easy. That’s not even the worst part. Sometimes, even if we know how much damage it does, we still go

Is Smoking The New Luxury? just declared wellness the new status symbol. Does that make smoking the new, new luxury?
My parents and I were having our usual family dinner; a variant of dim sum and noodles with a side of awkward conversation. I wanted to talk about my thesis but they wanted to talk about all the temptation that surrounded me—basically