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15 Best BB Creams to Try, According to Your Skin Type

For that "your skin, but better" vibe.
BB creams used to seem like a fleeting product trend, originating from Germany and gaining popularity once it hit Korea. But years later, many beauty enthusiasts still swear by this non-foundation as their go-to base product—the way that it bridges makeup and

These Makeup Products Look Great on All Skin Tones

No more guesswork!
When buying makeup, we always need to consider if the shade will flatter our skin tones, and it sometimes takes a lot of trial and error to find the perfect hue. To make your life easier, we culled the makeup products that

5 Concealers Beauty Editors Swear By

Conceal everything from pesky zits to dark circles.
Whether it’s dark spots or breakout marks that you’re waging war on, we all can agree that concealers are the real heroes of a woman’s beauty arsenal. From heavy-duty coverage to illuminating formulas, we round up five of the best concealers, recommended

3 Essential Tools to Create the Perfect Smokey Eye

So easy!
Nothing spells out drama like a smoky eye. And even though there are about a million ways to create this look, it’s not always easy. So here, we give you a rundown of three of the easiest products to use to create

How To Get Your Brow Shadow To Stay Put

We give a whole new meaning to waxed brows.
If you’ve tried grooming your brows by filling them in with shadow, you’ve probably wondered why you can’t get the same impact as compared to when using pencil or gel. That said, you probably would rather stick to your pencils and gels

Midweek Celebrity #selfie: The No-makeup Look

We love how these celebs look picture-perfect without going overboard in the makeup department.
It takes the right makeup to do the no-makeup look, and when it comes to looking fresh and naturally beautiful, these ladies just knock it out of the park. Seeing how they can manage to look picture-perfect without piling on tons of

Our Top Bronzer Picks

Because a healthy glow is synonymous to glowing tan.
In the summer, when cheeks tend to flush from the heat, bronzer is your best bet at making anything work. Aside from adding that faux glow to your face, bronzer can also sculpt cheekbones and chisel a jawline to perfection. Plus, using

5 Caffeine-infused Products To Perk You Up This Morning

Because it's Monday, and it's hard to get up on a Monday.
I am not a morning person, so believe me when I say that I need at least one cup of java to jolt me into consciousness at 9am. After that, I’m a lean mean writing machine. But, as it turns out, I

Mattify Me!

Treat your t-zone to a shine-free finish.
In an Instagram-able world, every moment is carefully constructed to create the perfect double tap-inducing picture. One thing that isn’t Insta-worthy though, is an oily T-zone. We know it’s hard to pit your favorite alphabet cream against the humid weather, but with

Magic Wands

Conjure up some flirty, fluttery lashes with a wave of these wands.
We’ll let you in on a little secret: all mascara formulas are pretty much the same. Containing a mix of pigment and wax, very little varies from one mascara formula to another. But the wand, on the other hand, is where the

Pretty In Paris

Steal two looks from this month's cover girl.
Ahhh, the City of Lights. No other city in the world has the allure and romance of Paris, and what better way to capture that feeling than by wearing two beauty looks that scream très belle? Utilizing tonal shades and bold elements,

Are You Camera-ready?

Smashbox Cosmetics understands your desire for a photogenic face.
Smashbox Cosmetics has been around providing us with awesome primers, lipsticks, eyebrow makeup, and many more. The brand was born out of a photo studio, the Smashbox Studios in L.A. The founders Dean and Davis Factor (yes, their bloodline is closely connected