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PSA: Here's Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 12

Here's a rundown of everything you need to know about the iPhone 12 series.
Rumors about the highly anticipated iPhone 12 circulated as early as January of this year and as the year progressed, more and more leaks were revealed by reliable sources including the phone's possible pricing. Apple fans always look forward to September because

We Tried The Exact Smartphone Seo Ye Ji and BTS Love

It's the most stylish phone of 2020.
If you’ve been tuning into It’s Okay To Not Be Okay or have been following K-culture in general, then you might’ve noticed that there’s a cool new smartphone Korean celebs have been sporting. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn’t like any other

The Exact Mobile Phone Seo Ye Ji Used on "It's Okay to Not Be Okay"

If she's got killer sartorial style, then she's also toting around the latest gadgets.
Our eyes are on K-drama's most fashionable leading lady right now, Seo Ye Ji, as she stars alongside Kim Soo Hyun in It's Okay to Not Be Okay. She plays the feisty children's book author, Ko Mun-yeong, who's clearly got a taste for

We Found the Perfect Smartphone That Can Take Low Light OOTDs

And it's totally affordable!
We fashion girls know that the secret to a well-liked Instagram photo is a combination of great editing skills and a quality camera. But if you’re not into buying a separate pro camera for your travel and outfit photos, getting yourself a

Review: This Iridescent Smartphone Takes Great Photos During Nighttime

Its AI-powered camera even recognizes what it’s pointed at.
The Honor 10 is the world's first phone with an artificial intelligence (AI) processor. According to its website, this "enables deep learning based on user behavior, ensuring that your smartphone truly understands you." Creepy? Maybe, but you have to admit it's pretty

7 Technologies That Prove the Future of Fashion Is Here

Fashion is the future.
There is no argument that we're on the cusp of major changes brought upon by technology. The same rings true in the world of fashion and beauty, according to fashion futurist Amanda Cosco, founder of Electric Runway (an international site focused on anticipating the future

4 Hardworking Smartphones That Also Come with Great Cameras

Balance work and fun with these devices!
It’s true that there are gadgets that are only good as their next iteration, but there are some that become staples due to their great performance and their ability to keep up with updates. Here are a few recently launched smartphones from

These 3 Clip-On Lenses Are Your Secret Weapons for Winning Instagram

How to slay selfies, flatlays and landscapes.
“The eye has to travel.” Diana Vreeland, the late great editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, once said these immortal words. This idea is highly applicable in this day and age wherein visual-feasting and a daily dose of inspiration are what fuel us

Jourdan Dunn's Phone, Inspired by Metallic Temporary Tattoos

It's ‘inked' with body art!
HTC announced back in April (2015) that supermodel and worldwide fashion muse Jourdan Dunn would be the first global ambassador for The HTC Ink Project. It’s the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer’s latest series of limited edition phones with ‘body art’ designs. Jourdan is

Kendall Wants To Throw Away Her Phone

She's social media fatigued.
Kendall Jenner wants to throw away her smartphone. Yes, the supermodel/world-famous teen with 27.4m followers on Instagram and 10.8m followers on Twitter recently tried to veer away from her phone-clutching habit. And apparently, life without it is...well, life. On a recent trip to