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Here's the Difference Between Slow and Fast Fashion

Can wearing less clothes really save the world?
For many of us clothes-conscious-but-also-budget-conscious millennials (and Gen Z-ers), fast fashion items provide an easy out to keep up with ever-hastening trends. They’re quick to find, cheap, voluminous, and, yes, pretty darn good-looking. I mean, they’re no Phoebe Philo-era Celine pieces (shoutout

Hindy Weber Goes Back To Basics With A Sustainable Fashion Line

After a long hiatus from the fashion industry, Hindy comes back with a renewed vision of the stylish life.
There's a lot to talk about when it comes to sustainable fashion. For one, how do we know it is truly eco-friendly? Two, is it just a fad that's taking the spotlight for now? Three, is it a monotonous way of dressing

How You Can Get in on the Sustainable Fashion Movement

Five lessons from MUNI Meetup’s Reimagining Local Fashion talk.
If you love fashion, then most likely you’d want to keep up with particular trends. We at Preview do, too, and it’s the very reason why we can truly appreciate fast fashion! Right? So cheap, so updated, always on sale! It seems